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Welcome to William Banks Machinery's web page.


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Below you'll find some new arrivals to our site as well as some featured items we think you should know about.



Cardinal Platform Scale

View DetailsModel: FH544-IIE
ScalesPlatform Scales

48 x 48 platform scale. Capable of weighing up to 5000 lbs. Has a mild steel non skid top. Just repainted. Has a digital scale readout on a stainless steel stand. In good working condition.

Flexicon Incline Auger Feeder

View Details
Auger Feeders

Stainless steel powder auger feeder. Hopper is 36" long x 36.5" wide x 54" deep. The top of the hopper has a 3.25" diameter inlet If you are loading by super sack. It also has a hinged door on the front with a 12" deep ledge (44" from the floor) if you are loading by hand. There is a grate inside the hopper with 1.5" openings to cut open the bags. In the bottom there is a motor for an agitator to keep the product from sticking but the agitator is missing. The auger is 3.25" inside diameter x 249.5" long. It has a stainless steel shaft with a plastic auger and centre tube. The motor mounts the on top end of the auger and has a 6" diameter infeed into the filler. Last running powdered sugar feeding the bagger.

Liqui-Box Corp. Liquid Bag Filler

View DetailsModel: 1000-CITWESL
FillersLiquid Bag

Stainless steel filler. Filler will remove the cap fill the bag then put the cap back on. It has a set or rollers under the filler to hold the bags up while they fill. It has a 2" outside diameter sani clamp infeed to the nozzle. Volume is metered out by an Accurate Meter Systems flow meter (model IZM-32, serial 27549-B3). The flow meter can do a max of 100 gpm. It has a digital screen display. Comes on a stainless steel stand. In good condition. Last used in a food facility.

FD&C Equipment V-Blender

View DetailsModel: VB50

316L stainless steel v-blender. 50 litre working capacity. Blender is 13" diameter x 24" deep. Outlet is 4" diameter. Sani clamp connections an the bottom outlet as well as the top of the blender. It has stainless steel legs and covers for the motor. Comes with a 3.75" diameter butterfly valve that can attach to the outlet. Plus other parts. No control panel. In good condition. Last used in a nutraceutical facility.

Fortress Metal Detector

View DetailsModel: Phantom
Metal DetectorsTablet

Stainless steel tablet metal detector. Aperture is 3" wide x 1" tall. It has a plastic sleeve that fits inside the aperture. It has a 2 lane output 1 for pills and one for rejects. Digital screen display. On a stainless steel frame on casters. The stand has an adjustment for changing the angle of the head / flow. In very good condition.

Gilson Auto Siever

View DetailsModel: GA-6
Lab Equipment

Laboratory test sieve for particle sizing of fine granular materials and dry powders ranging from 850µm (No. 20) to 5µm. Stack assembly comes with a GAA-35 426um, GAA-31 850um, GAA-47 53um, GAA-40 180 um, GAA-40 180um GAA-42 125um and GAA-45 75um sieves.  Also included are 7 acryllic spacers and one GAA-48 45um screen. Manual also included. Requires a new fines collector.

Powder Hopper

View Details
Tanks & KettlesDrums or Totes

Stainless steel powder hopper with level sensor and Lorenz (model MRM-800-AL) slide gate. Overall the hopper is 85.25" tall (92.5" including the slide gate) and as a 39.25 long x 39.5" wide square top with a 1 piece lid. The lid has a 6" diameter centre inlet and a 7" wide x 8" long slide gate in the corner. The profile of the hopper starts off with a 36" long square top then it pyramids down 49.25" long to the slide gate. The slide gate is 8" diameter. On one side it has a pneumatic hammer to keep the powder from sticking to the sides. Another side has a 4" wide x 25.5" long viewing window. In good condition. Last used to hold powdered sugar.

Justrite Storage Cabinet

View DetailsModel: 25390

Flammable storage cabinet. 40 gallon (151 litre) capacity. Inside dimensions are 36.5" wide x 14.75" deep x 40.25" tall. It has 2 adjustable shelves and a lockable set of double doors (key is missing). It has adjustable feet for leveling. Overall it is 43" wide x 18" deep x 44.25" tall. Looks like it was last holding ink jet ink. In good condition.

Lapeyre Stairs Inc. Crossover Stairs / Platform

View Details

The platform is 29.5" wide x 51" long and it is 48" off the floor. It has a set of stairs on either side. Stairs and platform has a handrail on both sides. Each tread and the top of the platform has non skid top. Overall the set of stairs is 89" tall x 127" long x 30" wide. There is 41" between the legs. Looks like it has had very little use. In very good condition.

Jacketed Tank

View Details
Tanks & KettlesVertical Tanks

Approximately 340 gallon stainless steel dairy style tank with a painted outside. Top of the tank has a bridge but the hinged covers on either side are missing. It has a scrap surface for the bottom and sides of the tank. Tank is 57" diameter (inside). It has an angled bottom to a bottom side outlet. It's 31.5" deep at teh shallow end and 32.5" deep at the outlet. Outlet is 2.5" outside diameter sani clamp connection. It has a ball valve connection attached to it. In good condition. Last holding liquid sugar and needs to be cleaning.

ABI Reciprocating Conveyor

View DetailsModel: RE-30-32

All stainless steel conveyor. Belt is 30" wide x 81" long before it starts to decline. Decline section is 14" long. Variable speed controls. It has height adjustable feet and currently sits on a frame for easy moving but the frame cane be removed. Belt is 42.5" from the floor on the frame and 36.5" tall without the frame. In good condition.

Toyota Forklift

View DetailsModel: 5FBC30

Electric fortlift with side shift and forward and back tilt. 3 stage mast, max height of 169". Forks are 48" long. Has back up beep and flashing light. Both lights going forward work. The pneumatic tires are in good shape. Has overhead cage with mirrors. It has 18724.8 hours on it. In good working condition. Last used in a food facility.

3M Random Case Sealer

View DetailsModel: 18500
Case SealersTop & Bottom

Top and bottom random case sealer. Top and bottom drive belts. Has extension roller infeed (one roller is missing). Height adjustable legs. Belts look fairly new. In good working condition.

Per-Fil Powder Auger Filler

View DetailsModel: PF-15T

All stainless steel auger filler. It has a 2 piece removable cover over the hopper. The cover has a 6" diameter infeed, a 2" diameter opening for a dust collecter outlet, and a level sensor (Bindicator RF series). The hopper is 21" diameter x 24.5" deep with agitiation. The outlet is 2.75" diameter with auger and a 48.75" long funnel extention. Frequency drive variable speed controls for the agitation and auger. Hand sensor activated. In very good condition. Last filling sugar.


View Details
Tanks & KettlesVertical Tanks

Stainless steel square tank with ball valve outlet. Approximately 650 gallons. Tank is 60" wide x 48" long x 52.75" deep (58" deep at the outlet.). The valve is on the long side and is 2.5" outside diameter sani clamp connection. Last used to hold liquid sugar and needs a good cleaning.

Acrison Auger Feeder

View DetailsModel: 105Z-E
Auger Feeders

All stainless steel hopper and infeed with plastic screw auger. Hopper is 10.75" wide x 17" long x 25" deep and has a 1 piece hinged lid. Below the hopper where the auger is it's 11" wide x 17.25" long x 11" deep. It has 2 stainless steel ribbons / screws to keep the product from clumping and jamming up the auger. The auger is made of plastic and is 2.5" dimeter with a 14" long discharge. All contact parts are fastened by locking clamps and can be easily removed for cleaning. Comes on a stainless steel frame on casters. In good working condition and runs very quiet.

Tisma Horizontal Auto Load Cartoner

View DetailsModel: TC600M

This machine has 9" centers and has a 3 chain carton carrier.  The carton magazine is approximately 4' long and the cartons are picked up by a 2 head rotary carton feeder. Has vacuum generator system. The auto load section has a top product confiner, 13' Long fixed 6 3/4" x 6 1/2" bucket infeed conveyor floating bucket design, Nordson pro blue 7 hot melt glue system,  AC variable speed. Has sick barcode reader on discharge end. In good condtion. Was last running packs of cookies and trays of cookies.

Somerset Dough Sheeter

View DetailsModel: CDR-21008
Bakery EquipmentSheeters

Table top stainless steel sheeter. Has 2 adjustable sheeting rollers. The first is 12" wide infeed with a 18" wide outlet. The second is 20" wide infeed with a 20" wide outlet. There is a stainless steel shelf that's 13.5" wide x 22.5" long after the first set of rollers. Has on / off switch. In good working condition.

Alpha-Pack Enterprise Ltd. Form, Fill and Seal

View DetailsModel: PM-620E
Form Fill & SealVertical

Bucket elevator feeds the form, fill & seal machine. Buckets are 16" long x 7.25" wide at the top (5" at the bottom) x 4.75" deep. It has a 73.5" long run before going up. Discharge height is 88.25" high. It's 108" tall x 156" long overall. Each bucket on the elevator would hold one portion for the bagger. The form, fill and seal has a 21" wide x 21" long x 16" deep hopper to feed product into the bag. Bagger has 1 collar and forming tube that 4.5" diameter. Sealing jaws are 12" wide. Back seal is 12.5" long. Has digital touch screen controls and temperature controls. It also has a hot stamp coder for the film as well. The bags fall onto a take away conveyor is 14.25" wide x 11" long flat section & 65" long incline. It has white food grade belting with 1" tall cleats. The bucket elevator and take away conveyor plug into the form, fill & seal machine. Everything is on casters and is all stainless steel. In very nice condition. Last running dry noodles.


Cardinal Table Top Scale

View DetailsModel: GP-400

Scale with digital readout. Max capacity of scale is 400 lbs. The scale is 18" long x 14" wide and has a black rubber non skid top. Readout can be in lbs or kg. Comes on a mild steel painted stand but can be removed. In good working condition.

Risco Portioner

View DetailsModel: RS400 ICP

Stainless steel hopper can hold up to 260 litres. It can dispense 500-1000 kg per hour depending size. In good condition. Last used to make cheese rolls.


Heat Seal Heat Tunnel

View DetailsModel: T-3417S/1
TunnelsHeat Tunnels

Stainless steel shrink tunnel. Opening is 17" wide x 9.25" tall. The opening is 10" tall but the stainless piece that holds the curtain on is 9.25" from the conveyor. The tunnel is 34" long and 61" long overall. It has a roller conveyor. Has variable speed controls for the conveyor and digital temperature controls for the heat. On casters. In good condition. Comes out of a bakery.

GEI Gallay Tote / Powder Tank

View Details
Tanks & KettlesDrums or Totes

All stainless steel tank. 7.75" top centre inlet. Pyramid shape tank. 8" tall sidewall, 34.5" long slanted walls to discharge. 7.75" diameter bottom centre discharge. Tank is 35" wide x  43" long x 41" tall. Has air operated vibrator on one side of tank. Has fortlift pockets for easy moving. Unit is stackable. In very nice condition.