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Welcome to William Banks Machinery's web page.


If you see something you are interested in and would like more information, go to the “Send an inquiry” section or give us a call.

Below you'll find some new arrivals to our site as well as some featured items we think you should know about.



IAP Inc. Blower

View DetailsModel: 9-115 P CL 20 Arr

3000 cfm. This blower came out of a refridgeration unit. It has a 9" diameter inlet and a 7.25" diameter outlet. Powered by a Marathon motor. In good condition. Motor turns very easy and free.

Artypac Volumetric Form Fill and Seal

View DetailsModel: ARTY80V
Form Fill & SealVertical

Hopper is 21.25" diameter x 20" deep. The volumetric feeder is made by Artypac (model ROTOR, serial 3270603). Cups are 2.25" diameter x 2" deep. 125 to 200 grams. The funnel that feeds the bagger is 5.75" diameter at the top and 1.75" diameter at the bottom. The bagger has a Markem Smart date coder 2. It also has photo eye to run printed film. Sealing jaws are 8" wide. The back seal is 14" long. The jaws have hole punch capabilities. Plexiglass covering the jaws have safety switches on them. Comes with 4 formers all made by Formers by Ernie. Sizes 4, 5, 5.5 & 6.25. Last running 125g - 200g bags of spices. In good condition.

Kalish Cap Elevator

View DetailsModel: 221600

Stainless steel cap elevator with chute. Variable speed controls. Height adjustable hopper as well as height adjustable feet. Last running 31 mm caps that were 19 mm tall. In good condition.

Jacketed Tanks

View Details
Tanks & KettlesVertical Tanks

3 identical stainless steel jacketed tank. Tank is 20.5" diameter x 18" deep. Approximately 25 gallons total volume. It has a one piece hinged lid with handle and a clamp to keep it closed. The tank is dished bottom with a centre discharge. There is a 1.25" diameter inlet on the top side of the tank. It also has a thermometer. Outlet is 1 7/8" diameter with a ball valve on the end. The end of the outlet has a threaded connection. The jacket is good for hot water only. In good condition. 

CCL Label Head on Stand

View DetailsModel: 330R
LabelersWipe On

Labeler on a stainless steel stand on casters. Capable of running labels 7" tall. It has a gap sensor and scrap wheel. The peel plate has an air cylinder to retract the plate. Digital screen display. Stand has hand crank height adjustment. In working condition. Last running labels 2" wide x 4.25" tall.

Container Systems Ltd. Plastic Tanks

View DetailsModel: PT 250 (OD)
Tanks & KettlesVertical Tanks

2 identical 1130 litre plastic tanks. Inlet is 10.25" diameter and has a screw top but the lids are missing. Side walls are 40" long x 37" wide. The bottom has a slope to the outlet. Slope is 18" long and has a 2.25" diameter outlet. Both are in very good condition. They are missing the stands.

Morehouse Cowles Disperser

View DetailsModel: W24

High shear disperser. It has a 1.75" diameter shaft x 47" long and a 11.5" diameter mixing blade. The unit stands upright and has an air operated cylinder to raise and and lower the it. It is a manually operated variable speed motor. Comes with an extra belt. In good working condition. Last mixing 200 gallon batches of calcium carbonte.

Stokes Oscillating Granulator

View DetailsModel: 243-6

This granulator comes with an infeed hopper. Hopper is 47.25" wide x 47.5" long x 28.5" deep. There is a removable grate inside the hopper. Some of the bars are broken or removed. Hopper has a 11.75" diameter outlet that feeds the granulator. Granulator has a 12" diameter infeed. It has a 28" long rotor and grinding chamber. Screens are 15" wide x 25.5" long. Comes with 4 screen and a couple extra screen holds. All stainless steel contact parts. In good working condition. Last used to screen brown sugar.

Meyer / Rice Lake Multi Lane Vibratory Snack Blender

View Details

System consists of 5 Meyer hoppers with vibratory feed pan. Each hopper is on Rice Lake load cells. All 5 bins are connected to the control panel where you program in your recipe for your mix. Each one of the 5 hoppers feeds a 12" wide x 292" long vibratory conveyor. This system was running 20 different mixes. The entire system is stainless steel with the exception of the control panel.

PMG Canada Ribbon Blender

View Details

Stainless steel single ribbon blender. 300 litre total capacity, 200 litre working capacity. Blender sits on load cell. It has a lifting system that lifts and dumps the blender. Touch screen controls. Last mixing 600 pounds of salads (potato, macaroni, etc). In good working condition.

Marion Paddle Mixer

View DetailsModel: SPS-4296

80 cu. ft. all stainless steel paddle mixer. The blender has a 3 piece hinged lid. The centre cover has a 8" diameter inlet, a 1" diameter threaded inlet for liquid and also a 8" diameter viewing window. The other 2 covers do not have anything. There are 3 grates covering the top of the blender. Each grate has a lockout safety switch. Inside dimensions are 42" wide x 96" long x 49.5" tall (bottom of cross pieces). There is a level sensor at one end of the blender as well. The shaft is 4" diameter. There are 8 paddles on the shaft that are 18" long x 6" tall with 2.25" diameter shafts. Each end has a side scraper blade. The outlet is bottom centre and is 11.5" wide x 20" long with a pneumatic slide gate to open and close it. Outlet is 33" from the floor. The frame for the outlet is 26" from the floor. In good condition. We do have to cover for the flywheel it's just not in the photo's. Last used in a bakery.

Kilia Vacuum Bowl Cutter

View DetailsModel: Express 3000RS
Bowl Choppers

325 litre stainless steel vacuum bowl chopper. 6 cutting blades. Integrated buggy dumper. Still in production and in good running condition.


Emplex Rotary Band Sealer

View DetailsModel: MPS6520
Bag Sealers

This bag sealer has variable speed controls for the band as well as digital temperature controls and display. Comes on a height adjustable aluminum stand on casters. In good working condition. Gearbox is a little noisy but it works well. Last used in a food facility.

Multivac Roll Stock Machine

View DetailsModel: M860 EPC
Form Fill & SealHorizontal

Multivac roll stock machine with vacuum scrap removal. Current die size is approximately 185mm x 290mm x 89mm deep. Full vacuum capabilities. Last used in a meat processing facility. Manual and spare parts are available with the machine. In good condition.

Fini 20 hp Screw Compressor

View DetailsModel: BSC 20
Air Compressors

20 hp screw compressor with 100 gallon air receiver. Last used as a back-up compressor only. It is 480 volt, but it comes with a 600 to 480 transformer.

FD&C Equipment V-Blender

View DetailsModel: VB50

316L stainless steel v-blender. 50 litre working capacity. Blender is 13" diameter x 24" deep. Outlet is 4" diameter. Sani clamp connections an the bottom outlet as well as the top of the blender. It has stainless steel legs and covers for the motor. Comes with a 3.75" diameter butterfly valve that can attach to the outlet. Plus other parts. No control panel. In good condition. Last used in a nutraceutical facility.

Toyota 5000 Lb Electric Fork Lift

View DetailsModel: 5FBCU25

5000 lb capacity. It has just over 24,000 hours on it. It has side shift and the forks are pushed together or spread apart by cylinder so you don't need to get off the truck to do it. In good condition. There is no charger with this machine. Last used in a food facility.

Alpha-Pack Enterprise Ltd. Form, Fill and Seal

View DetailsModel: PM-620E
Form Fill & SealVertical

Bucket elevator feeds the form, fill & seal machine. Buckets are 16" long x 7.25" wide at the top (5" at the bottom) x 4.75" deep. It has a 73.5" long run before going up. Discharge height is 88.25" high. It's 108" tall x 156" long overall. Each bucket on the elevator would hold one portion for the bagger. The form, fill and seal has a 21" wide x 21" long x 16" deep hopper to feed product into the bag. Bagger has 1 collar and forming tube that 4.5" diameter. Sealing jaws are 12" wide. Back seal is 12.5" long. Has digital touch screen controls and temperature controls. It also has a hot stamp coder for the film as well. The bags fall onto a take away conveyor is 14.25" wide x 11" long flat section & 65" long incline. It has white food grade belting with 1" tall cleats. The bucket elevator and take away conveyor plug into the form, fill & seal machine. Everything is on casters and is all stainless steel. In very nice condition. Last running dry noodles.

Risco Portioner

View DetailsModel: RS400 ICP
Stainless steel hopper can hold up to 260 litres. It can dispense 500-1000 kg per hour depending size. In good condition. Last used to make cheese rolls.