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Welcome to William Banks Machinery's web page.


If you see something you are interested in and would like more information, go to the “Send an inquiry” section or give us a call.

Below you'll find some new arrivals to our site as well as some featured items we think you should know about.



Elantech L-Bar & Tunnel Combo

View DetailsModel: MEGA PACK
L-Bar Sealers

Sealing jaws are 17" wide x 20.5" long. Take away conveyor for the l-bar is 14.5" wide x 23" long. The tunnel has an opening of 17" wide x 10.5" tall with a mesh belt conveyor. It has seperate dial controls for the l-bar conveyor, seal temp and cooling as well as tunnel conveyor and temp with a main on / off switch. On casters. In good condition.

Diagraph Case Coder

View DetailsModel: TJ1000
CodersInkjet Coders

Unit has 2 print heads. A touch screen control panel with key pad (model IJ3000). Each print head takes a seperate ink cartrage. Comes with aluminum tubing and brackets to mount on your conveyor. Last used in a food facility to print on the side of cases as they passed through the case sealer. In good condition.


View Details
Tanks & KettlesVertical Tanks

All stainless steel tank with covered top. The top of the tank has a 17.5" diameter manway with a one piece removable lid. There are 2 inlets both with sani clamp connections (2.5" & 3" outside diameter). There is also a temperature probe in the top. The tank is 62" deep x 46" diameter (approximately 470 gallons). There is a 3.5" ouside diameter inlet at side near the top of the tank. There is also 2 other threaded inlets / outlets on the side of the tank as well. It has a bottom centre outlet with a 3.5" (outside diameter) T pipe discharge. Both are sani clamp connections. One has a butterfly valve the other has nothing. The discharge is 18.25" from the floor. In good condition. The inside of the tank needs cleaning. Looks to have dry scaled residual from what it was last holding. 

JDA Stand up Pouch Filler

View DetailsModel: Redeepac 430
FillersStand Up Pouch

Complete system for filling and sealing pre-made stand up pouches.  

Line consists of the following:

  • JDA Vibratory Feed Hopper to feed incline conveyor
  • JDA Incline conveyor to feed scales
  • JDA Dual lane linear scales
  • JDA Redeepac 430 pre made pouch filler/ sealer
  • JDA Incline discharge conveyor.

There are two systems available. One is currently in operation and the other unit is not currently in service. Both systems are in very good condition.

Versa-Matic Diaphragm Pump

View DetailsModel: SV235

316 stainless steel diaphragm pump. Air operated pump but it has a electric start / stop switch. It has a 3" outside diameter sani clamp inlet and outlet. The outlet has a connection of pipes with a butterfly valve to fill a tank or hopper. The outlet height is 76" off the floor. It comes on a stainless steel cart on casters. In good condition. Needs a power wash to clean off the residual product on it. Tested and works well. Comes out of a bakery. 

Nordale Horizontal Auto Load Cartoner

View DetailsModel: MKALM

Horizontal auto load cartoner. Currently set to run a 4.5" wide carton. Last running salad kits consisting of 3 pouches. One end of the carton is a glued gable end the other is a glued flap end. The glue system is a Nordson 2302.  It has an 8' extended carton magazine. The machine is in excellent condition and can be seen powered up.

Bartelt Horizontal Form Fill and Seal with Auger Filler

View DetailsModel: IM714
Form Fill & SealHorizontal

Bartelt IM714 with model D auger filler. Eye for registered film. Last ran 20 gr. pouches of sugar. Geneva drive. In good condition.  Pouch size: Min 2" x 2".  Max: 5 3/4 x 9 1/2"


Mixer on a stand

View Details
MixersLightnin Style

Mixer has an on / off switch. It takes a 7/8" diameter shaft. The stand is made by Mass Flow Systems (model mixer lift. Serial MF 118P). Is counter balanced to raise and lower the mixer with a hand tighten handle and pressure handle to tighten the mixer in place. It is painted mild steel. Minimum height is 22". Maximum height is 85" high. In good condition. No shaft with the mixer.


View Details
Sinks & Tables

Single station hand wash sink with taps. Mounts to the wall. Basin is 12" wide x 9.25" long x 5.75" deep. In good condition.

KL Products Inc Inline Wash Tunnel

View DetailsModel: W12L25H25
TunnelsWash Tunnels

All stainless steel wash tunnel. It has a 11.5' long wash section with stainless steel chain to pull items through. The water would recirculate through a stainless filter. There are 2 - 25 hp washdown motors that can produce 260 gpm @ 90 psi and 130 gpm @ 200 psi. It has spoon type cleaning nozzles. All piping has sani clamp connections for easy dismantling for cleaning. It has a 304 stainless steel heat exchanger that can accept steam pressure to a max of 15 psi. It has a automatic low water level cut out for protection control. It has a rinse sprayer at the end of the wash section as well. Capable of running 250 items / hour approximately 30" long. Come out of a cheese facility. Unit was completely tested prior to removal to our place. In good condition.

Distek Dissolution Unit

View DetailsModel: 2100C
Lab Equipment

It has a seperate temperature control unit made by Distek (model TCS0200C, serial 2131706). Comes with an second larger set of glass pots. As well as some spare parts. In good conditon.

Jacketed Tank

View Details
Tanks & KettlesVertical Tanks

All stainless steel jacketed holding tank. Used to hold liquid nitrogen. The outer tank is 39.75" diameter x 28.5" deep. It has a 6" diameter inlet and a 1" diameter bottom centre outlet that drains out the side. The inner tank is 23.5" diameter x 24" deep. There is no outlet in the inner tank. The outer tank is on casters and has handles on one side for easy moving. In very nice condition.

Elf Inline Retorquer

View DetailsModel: ACT600L
Stainless steel 6 spindle cap retorquer with 1 set of side gripper belts. It fits over your existing line. Hand crank adjustment for the belt width and for each spindle. Variable speed controls for the belt as well as the spindles. The belt can go as wide as 6". The whole unit can raise and lower for different line heights. The belt can lower and raise and so can the spindles for different size bottles. On casters. In good working condition.

Dished Turntable

View Details

Stainless steel dish turntable. 48" diameter with a 10" deep dish. The base is painted mild steel. Has an on / off switch. It currently stands 41" from the floor but has height adjustable feet. In good condition. Runs nicely. The power cord has some nicks in it and the plug is old and should be replaced.

Powder Hopper

View Details
Tanks & KettlesDrums or Totes

304 stainless steel powder hopper with lid. The lid bolts down but can be removed. It has a 5.75" diameter centre inlet and also a 8" wide x 12" long slide gate at one end. It also has a level sensor. The hopper is 47.75" long x 28" wide x 36" deep. It has a pyramid shaped bottom with a 8" diameter outlet. On the outlet there is a Lorenz (model MGR-600-AL) hand crank slide gate. In good condition. Last holding powdered sugar.

De Laval Cream Separator

View DetailsModel: 370

All stainless steel. This separator can process up to 750 gallons per hour, most efficient capacity is 500 gallons per hour or below. In good condition. Our customer is selling it because it was much faster than they need to process.

Jacketed Tanks

View Details
Tanks & KettlesVertical Tanks

3 identical stainless steel jacketed tank. Tank is 20.5" diameter x 18" deep. Approximately 25 gallons total volume. It has a one piece hinged lid with handle and a clamp to keep it closed. The tank is dished bottom with a centre discharge. There is a 1.25" diameter inlet on the top side of the tank. It also has a thermometer. Outlet is 1 7/8" diameter with a ball valve on the end. The end of the outlet has a threaded connection. The jacket is good for hot water only. In good condition. 

CCL Label Head on Stand

View DetailsModel: 330R
LabelersWipe On

Labeler on a stainless steel stand on casters. Capable of running labels 7" tall. It has a gap sensor and scrap wheel. The peel plate has an air cylinder to retract the plate. Digital screen display. Stand has hand crank height adjustment. In working condition. Last running labels 2" wide x 4.25" tall.

Meyer / Rice Lake Multi Lane Vibratory Snack Blender

View Details

System consists of 5 Meyer hoppers with vibratory feed pan. Each hopper is on Rice Lake load cells. All 5 bins are connected to the control panel where you program in your recipe for your mix. Each one of the 5 hoppers feeds a 12" wide x 292" long vibratory conveyor. This system was running 20 different mixes. The entire system is stainless steel with the exception of the control panel.

Marion Paddle Mixer

View DetailsModel: SPS-4296

80 cu. ft. all stainless steel paddle mixer. The blender has a 3 piece hinged lid. The centre cover has a 8" diameter inlet, a 1" diameter threaded inlet for liquid and also a 8" diameter viewing window. The other 2 covers do not have anything. There are 3 grates covering the top of the blender. Each grate has a lockout safety switch. Inside dimensions are 42" wide x 96" long x 49.5" tall (bottom of cross pieces). There is a level sensor at one end of the blender as well. The shaft is 4" diameter. There are 8 paddles on the shaft that are 18" long x 6" tall with 2.25" diameter shafts. Each end has a side scraper blade. The outlet is bottom centre and is 11.5" wide x 20" long with a pneumatic slide gate to open and close it. Outlet is 33" from the floor. The frame for the outlet is 26" from the floor. In good condition. We do have to cover for the flywheel it's just not in the photo's. Last used in a bakery.


Multivac Roll Stock Machine

View DetailsModel: M860 EPC
Form Fill & SealHorizontal

Multivac roll stock machine with vacuum scrap removal. Current die size is approximately 185mm x 290mm x 89mm deep. Full vacuum capabilities. Last used in a meat processing facility. Manual and spare parts are available with the machine. In good condition.

Toyota 5000 Lb Electric Fork Lift

View DetailsModel: 5FBCU25

5000 lb capacity. It has just over 24,000 hours on it. It has side shift and the forks are pushed together or spread apart by cylinder so you don't need to get off the truck to do it. In good condition. There is no charger with this machine. Last used in a food facility.

Waukesha Cherry Burrell Votator

View DetailsModel: 937280
Heat Exchangers

Stainless steel heat exchanger. The barrell is 12" diameter x 43" long, with a pin bar rotor. It has a 2" outside diameter threaded inlet and outlet. Mounted on stainless steel frame. CRN MO8076.5. Shell has a MAWP 600 psi @ 300F. and a MDMT -20 @ 600 psi. Jacket has a MAWP of 150 psi @ 300F. and an MDMT of -20F @ 150 psi. In good condition. Last used in a food facility.

Hytrol Incline Conveyor

View Details

Mild steel incline conveyor. It has a 8" wide belt but the conveyor is 12" wide. Cleats are 1.5" tall and 11.5" apart. It starts 12" from the floor and goes to 50" tall but legs at the tall end can be adjusted. In good condition.

Loma Metal Detector / Checkweigher Combo Units

View DetailsModel: 7150
Metal DetectorsMetal Detector / Checkweigher Combo Units

This combo unit runs right to left. Conveyor belt is 87.5" long x 13.75" wide, but the conveyor is 15" wide overall. Metal detector is 17.75" wide x 5.75" tall to the belt (6.75" tall overall). The checkweigher is 14.25" long. Load cell is made by Huntleigh (model 9010, serial 9692) and has a max capacity of 20 kg. It has an air blower for regected products. It sits on a stainless steel frame with heights adjustable feet. Was last running spices and detecting 1.5 ferrous, 2.0 non ferrous and 2.5 stainless of dry product. It runs at a speed of 65 m / minute. It had a performance verification certificate done by a Mettler Toledo rep and the metal detector was calibrated on Feb 14th. In good condition.