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Welcome to William Banks Machinery's web page.


If you see something you are interested in and would like more information, go to the “Send an inquiry” section or give us a call.

Below you'll find some new arrivals to our site as well as some featured items we think you should know about.



Granzow Diaphragm Pumps

View DetailsModel: DL25-SL-G-G-T

All stainless steel pump. It has threaded connections but sani clamp connections for the inlet and outlet. Inet and outlet are 2" outside daimeter. In good working condition. Last used in a food facility.

Diaphragm Pump

View Details

Mild steel pump with stainless steel sani clamp fittings. Inlet and outlet are 2" diameter and are both sani clamp connections. Pump comes on a stainless steel stand. Air line has an open / closed valve on it. Comes with a 2nd identical pump that is missing  a few parts. Last used in a food facility. In good working condition.

Scott Dixie Mixing Tank

View DetailsModel: SBC 5367
Tanks & Kettles

2 identical, 250 gallons stainless steel turbon mixers. Each has a dixie medium shear mixer with 15 hp drive. Both units are in very good working condition. Last used making salad dressings.

JDA Labeler

View DetailsModel: FBLA-1
LabelersWipe On

Stainless steel labeler with a conveyor on casters. The labeler is capable of doing 5.25" tall label. It has a gap sensor and a scrap wheel pickup. The conveyor is 78.5" long x 4" wide table top chain. It has a spacing chain to feed the bottles to the label head and a product sensor. The hold down belt is 41.5" long. It has brushes as well as foam rollers to apply the label. It has seperate variable speed controls for the conveyor belt, hold down belt and spcing chains. Digital screen display. It comes with a complete wrap station if you want to do wrap around labels too. On casters but also has height adjustable feet. In good working condition. Last used in a dairy.

Labelling Technologies Labeler on a Stand

View DetailsModel: UT2 MAC
LabelersWipe On

Labeler is capable of handling a 5.5" tall label. It has a gap sensor as well as a product sensor. It has a variable speed controler for the label feed so you can run all kinds of speeds and label sizes. It's height adjustable on the stand and the stand is on casters. In good working condition. 

Oven Racks

View Details
Bakery EquipmentRacks

8 identical all stainless steel double baking racks. Each rack is 5.75" tall x 18" wide x 25.25" long. 11 shelves per side (22 in total). Each shelf has a tab at the back to stop the trays from sliding through. On stainless steel casters and all roll well. All are in good condition.


View Details

Stainless steel cabinet. It has 2 permanent shelves and a rod inside. Inside dimensions are 44.75" wide x 84" tall x 29.5" deep. The top shelf is 16.25" tall. The rod section is 54.25" tall and the bottom is 13.25" tall. It has double doors with a turn handle (which needs a little adjusting to close properly). The back panel could use some spot welding as some has broken. It also has 2 missing feet. In good condtion. Comes out of a food facility.

Murzan Diaphragm Pump

View DetailsModel: DUS51 IM

All stainless steel plunging drum pump. Inlets and outlet are 4.75" outside diameter. All sani clamp connections. Air cylinders would raise the pump. You would roll the drum into place and as the pump lowered into the drum it would pump out the product. Ideal for pumping very thick products. On casters. In very good condition. Last used in a food facility. It is missing the air cylinders to hold and centre the drum into place. Comes with a few extra parts.

Crepaco Silo

View DetailsModel: 66000 litre
Tanks & KettlesVertical Tanks

Stainless steel inside and insulated on the outside storage tank. Dimensions are approximately 10' dia (112" tank, 8" insulation) x 31' tall. Approximately 17400 gallons. Last holding water and whey. In good condition.

K&R (Ok International) Case erector poly bag inserter

View DetailsModel: PBI-24
Case Erectors

Machine erects a case, tapes the bottom, then the bag is opened and inserted into the box. The machine draws a vacuum in order to pull the bag right down to the bottom of the case. It has a case range of 10“ L x 6” W x 6“ H minimum up to 12” L x 12” W x 15” H maximum. It has Allen Bradley PLC controls and lexan guarding. In good working condition.

Romaco Horizontal Auto Load Cartoner

View DetailsModel: Promatic AS100

This cartoner is all stainless steel and is currently set up to run glue cartons using a Nordson Pro blue 4 hot melt unit. It also comes with the parts to revert the unit back into tuck as well. It is equipped with a hopper type bottle feeder, a prefolded leaflet feeder and an Argus 4 bar code reader. It has quick change adjustments for changing carton size. Carton size range is: minumum 20 mm long x 15 mm wide x 60 mm deep to maximum 100 mm long x 60 mm wide x 150 mm deep. Last running bottles in a pharmaceutical facility. In very good condition.

Cleveland Range Ltd. Jacketed Steam Kettle

View DetailsModel: KDL-40T
Tanks & KettlesKettles

316 stainless steel kettle. It is 26" diameter x 22.5" deep. It has a bottom centre outlet that discharges out the front with a 2" threaded connection. It also has a hand crank for tilting, if you choose to empty it that way too. It has a CRN # 04830.5 and National Board # 18597. Max 50 psi @ 298 deg F. Min 32 deg F @ 50 psi. Last used in a food facility. In good condition.

Artypac Form Fill and Seal with Auger Filler

View DetailsModel: 80V
Form Fill & SealVertical
Vertical form, fill and seal with Artypac Tornado 600 auger filler. 8" wide sealing jaws. Markham smart date 2 coder. Static eliminator for the film. Photo eye for registered film. Last used in a food facility running hot chocolate powder. Comes with an extra set of jaws (appear to be brand new). In good condition.