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Welcome to William Banks Machinery's web page.


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Below you'll find some new arrivals to our site as well as some featured items we think you should know about.



Air Comperssor

View DetailsModel: 5851472
Air Compressors

Vertical air compressor with approximately 60 gallon tank. 150 max psi. Has a wall mounted electrical box with on / off switch. In good working condition. Last used in a neutraceutical facility.

Control GMC Piston Filler

View DetailsModel: DV3000

Stainless steel piston filler. Hopper is 32.5" long x 40" long x 34.5" deep. The piston is approximately 4" diameter x 16" long. It has a 2" diameter outlet. Digital touch screen controls. Foot switch operated. It was last filling 10 lbs tubs of salad. On casters. In good working condition. Machine is capable of running 8 oz up to 11 pounds. Max speeds are 1 lbs fills 70 / min, 10 lbs fills 30 / min. with an accuracy of 2 hundredths of a pound.

CLI Wrap Around Labeller

View DetailsModel: Unipharma

Herma model 400 labelling head (new in 2007) capable of doing a 6.5" tall label. The wrap station has a 3" tall wrap belt. Machine has an Allen hot stamp coder, bottle indexing and reject station. The current label peel plate is set for a 2.5" tall label. The conveyor is 176" long with a 4.5" wide table top chain belt. The machine is on casters. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility. Very good condition.

Garvins / Hi-Speed Inline Check Weigher

View DetailsModel: VL3

Stainless steel inline check weigher. Calibrated capacity of 600 g. Runs left to right. Infeed belt is 200 mm wide x 400 mm long. Weigh section is 200 mm wide x 250 mm long. Discharge belt is 200 mm wide x 400 mm long. It has a pusher reject. Touch screen controls. The load cell has a max capacity of 7000 g. Last running 500 g jars at 60 per minute in a pharmaceutical operation. In very good condition. Still in the crate.

Elantech L-Bar & Tunnel Combo

View DetailsModel: MEGA PACK
L-Bar Sealers

Sealing jaws are 17" wide x 20.5" long. Take away conveyor for the l-bar is 14.5" wide x 23" long. The tunnel has an opening of 17" wide x 10.5" tall with a mesh belt conveyor. It has seperate dial controls for the l-bar conveyor, seal temp and cooling as well as tunnel conveyor and temp with a main on / off switch. On casters. In good condition.

Diagraph Case Coder

View DetailsModel: TJ1000
CodersInkjet Coders

Unit has 2 print heads. A touch screen control panel with key pad (model IJ3000). Each print head takes a seperate ink cartrage. Comes with aluminum tubing and brackets to mount on your conveyor. Last used in a food facility to print on the side of cases as they passed through the case sealer. In good condition.


View Details
Tanks & KettlesVertical Tanks

All stainless steel tank with covered top. The top of the tank has a 17.5" diameter manway with a one piece removable lid. There are 2 inlets both with sani clamp connections (2.5" & 3" outside diameter). There is also a temperature probe in the top. The tank is 62" deep x 46" diameter (approximately 470 gallons). There is a 3.5" ouside diameter inlet at side near the top of the tank. There is also 2 other threaded inlets / outlets on the side of the tank as well. It has a bottom centre outlet with a 3.5" (outside diameter) T pipe discharge. Both are sani clamp connections. One has a butterfly valve the other has nothing. The discharge is 18.25" from the floor. In good condition. The inside of the tank needs cleaning. Looks to have dry scaled residual from what it was last holding. 

Bartelt Horizontal Form Fill and Seal with Auger Filler

View DetailsModel: IM714
Form Fill & SealHorizontal

Bartelt IM714 with model D auger filler. Eye for registered film. Last ran 20 gr. pouches of sugar. Geneva drive. In good condition.  Pouch size: Min 2" x 2".  Max: 5 3/4 x 9 1/2"


Hauser 1 litre piston filler

View DetailsModel: PPF1-6-1

This filler is fully sanitary with 304 stainelss steel construction, with all FDA seals, on a stainless steel frame on casters. The product hopper has a variable speed agitator which can be disassembled without any tools. The piston is 3.87" diameter x 6" stroke. It has a max fill of 1 litre. It has a hand crank for adjusting the volume size ranging from 200 cc - 1000 cc. It also has a drip free 1.5" diameter nozzle. It has a 2" diampeter diaphragm pump to pump your product into the hopper. Last doing hot fills, filling soup. CFIA CERTIFIED. In good working conditon.

Diamond Bakery Equipment Cooling Spiral

View DetailsModel: 36-180-11

This cooling spiral is currently in operation and will be coming out very soon. It has a 36" wide belt with 4.25" high clearance between tiers. There are 11 tiers in total. It has a 10' infeed, 45" from the floor. The spiral runs clockwise from low to high. The discharge height is 123.5" high and is 15' 6" diameter. It has PLC controls. In good condition. Currently running in a bakery.

Enercon Induction Sealer

View DetailsModel: LM4481-84
Tamper EvidentInduction Sealers
Rating: Superseal 100. Stainless steel induction sealer on a height adjustable stainless steel stand on casters. Digital readout. Channel type sealer for tall caps. Channel is 1.5" wide x 2" tall x 13.5" long. Waterless unit. In very working condtion. It has a new capacitor, inverter and power board.