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Quantachrome Stereopycnometer

View DetailsModel: SPY-3
Lab Equipment
These machines are designed to measure the true volume of powders and other solid materials. Sample size range from 5 cm3 to 135 cm3. Adjustable gas flow rates. Easy to read display. Power switch is a little finicky but works. Comes with extra parts. Hydro approved sticker on machine.

Sotax Tablet Disintegration Tester

View DetailsModel: DT3
Lab Equipment

Unit is in good working condition. It does not have the glassware. 

Gilson Auto Siever

View DetailsModel: GA-6
Lab Equipment → Sieves / Sifters

Laboratory test sieve for particle sizing of fine granular materials and dry powders ranging from 850µm (No. 20) to 5µm. Stack assembly comes with a GAA-35 426um, GAA-31 850um, GAA-47 53um, GAA-40 180 um, GAA-42 125um and GAA-45 75um sieves. Also included are 7 acryllic spacers and one GAA-48 45um screen. Manual also included. Requires a new fines collector.

Labconco Chemical Fume Hood

View DetailsModel: 2247300
Lab Equipment → Fume Hoods

Chamber size is 43" wide x 17.5" deep x 28.5" tall. It has a removable stainless steel base that has a 1" high lip to keep spills contained. It has a glass door that slides up and down. There is a on / off switch for a light and for the blower. In good condition. Comes with a black epoxy base for the hood to sit on. Last used in a food facility lab.

Distek Dissolution Unit

View DetailsModel: 2100C
Lab Equipment

It has a seperate temperature control unit made by Distek (model TCS0200C, serial 2131706). Comes with an second larger set of glass pots. As well as some spare parts. In good conditon.

VWR Reach In Incubator

View DetailsModel: 1925
Lab Equipment → Incubators

Inside dimensions are 35" wide x 75.5" tall x 26" deep (approx 40 cu ft.). Inside the chamber there are 4 - 110 outlets. It has 6 adjustable shelves (34.5" wide x 24" deep). The door has a 17.75" wide x 24" tall viewing window. Digital temperature controls with an over temperature safety protection in case of a main temperature fail. It's pre-wired for a chart recorder. It has a temperature range of 8 deg to 70 deg C. Uniformity + /- 0.5 deg C @ 37deg. Sensitivity +/- 0.05 deg. In very good working condition.

Labconco Biosafety Cabinet

View DetailsModel: 323481110
Lab Equipment → Fume Hoods

Chamber size is 48.5" wide x 20.5" deep x 27.5" tall. It has 2 - 110 outlets on either side to plug in equipment. It also has a gas line for a bunson burner or other device. There is also a digital screen display that displays menu funtions for lights, blower, etc. The push button controls are outside the glass. The glass door slides up and down manually.  The exhaust is 9.75" diameter and is manually adjusted. In good condition.Comes with a few spare parts. Last used in a food facility lab.