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Fortress Metal Detector

View DetailsModel: Phantom
Metal Detectors → Tablet

Stainless steel tablet metal detector. Aperture is 3" wide x 1" tall. It has a plastic sleeve that fits inside the aperture. It has a 2 lane output 1 for pills and one for rejects. Digital screen display. On a stainless steel frame on casters. The stand has an adjustment for changing the angle of the head / flow. In very good condition.

Viswill / Kanebo Tablet Video Inspection System

View DetailsModel: TVIS-SXX
Metal Detectors → Tablet
Tablets fed to the machine hoppper are transferred by vibratory feed to the flow control turn table.
Tablets are then supplied to the transfer unit at the optimum pitch interval to go through illuminating/optical units checking Side 1 / Side 2, and Face 1 and through Face 2 and side 3&4 on the first and second conveyors respectively.
CCD line sensor carmera images are subjected to the video signal processor, high speed processor and host computer for individual inspection. Base upon inspection results from 6 different angles judgment is made to accept or reject tablets.
Good for:
  • Non coated, film coated, sugar coated, print marked tablets
  • circular or long type tablets


  • 5 - 12mm diameter x 2 - 8mm Thick circular tablets
  • 5 - 12mm wide x 5 - 21mm long type tablets

 Inpsected items:

  • Shade, shape, chips, mark, colour


  • 1600 to 2400 circular tablets per minute
  • 800 - 2000 long type tablets per minute.