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Waukesha Lobe Pump

View DetailsModel: 130 U1
Pumps → Positive Displacement

The pump head has 3.5" outside diameter sani clamp connection inlet and outlet. Stainless steel lobes and contact parts. Lobes are in good condition. It has a stainless steel washdown motor. Last used to pump from a hopper. Controls has a level sensor to run the pump. On a stainless steel stand with height adjustable feet. Last used in a food facility.

APV Lobe Pump

View DetailsModel: DW4/039/20
Pumps → Positive Displacement

this stainless steel pump is designed to handling rapid temperature changes and can pump up to 110 degree products at 20 bar. Inlet and outlet are 2.5" outside diameter sani clamp connections. It's capable of pumping up to 10.3 gallons / 100 revolutions and can handle up to 290 psi max. It has air purge seals. On a stainless steel frame on legs with on / off switch. Last used in a food facility. In good condition.