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Groen Steam Jacketed Kettle

View DetailsModel: NEM-40 SP
Tanks & Kettles → Kettles

316 stainless steel. Max working pressure 80 psi @ 325 deg F. The kettle is 28.5" diameter x 21.75" deep. It has sweep agitation plus a propeller style mixer in the bottom. The outlet on the kettle is 2.5" diameter but it has a 3.5" outside diameter outlet that has a sani clamp connection as well as a threaded discharge. On stainless steel legs. Has a rebuilt gearbox. In very good working condition. National Board # 134096.

Groen Kettle

View DetailsModel: TDC/3-20
Tanks & Kettles → Kettles

Both kettles are 12" diameter x 12" deep. They are tilting kettles on stainless steel bases. Maximum working pressure is 55 psi @ 325 deg F & 55 psi @ 305 deg F. MDMT is 32 deg F @ 55 psi for both. Both are in good condition. One is missing the 2nd tilting handle.

Cleveland Self Contained Electric Kettle

View DetailsModel: KET-80
Tanks & Kettles → Kettles

Self contained electric kettle. It has a one piece hinged lid with handle. It's 32.75" diameter x 28" deep with a bottom centre outlet that drains out the front. The outlet is 2" diameter and has a screw shut off. It has a tap on the side. Last used in a food facility. MAWP 50 PSI @298F. National BD number 51567.