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Welcome to William Banks Machinery's web page.


If you see something you are interested in and would like more information, go to the “Send an inquiry” section or give us a call.

Below you'll find some new arrivals to our site as well as some featured items we think you should know about.



Fisher Scientific Lab Size Mixer

View DetailsModel: SL2400
MixersLightnin Style

This mixer has a 10 mm chuck style shaft holder. It has a through put shaft so it can handle any length you need. It has variable speed controls which has an off switch when turned right down. In good working condition.

VWR Lab Size Mixer

View Details
MixersLightnin Style

Dual shaft mixer. It has a chuck style holder for the shaft with the key. The chuck and hold from 1.0 - 10 mm diameter shaft size. It has an on / off switch and is variable speed to control both shafts. The shafts spin at 2 different speeds. In good working condition.

Acrison Auger Feeder

View DetailsModel: 105X-C
Auger Feeders

Stainless steel hopper and infeed screw auger. It has a 1 piece removable lid. The hopper is 22.25" wide x 26.5" long x 21" deep with a level sensor. The opening for the auger is 9" wide x 13.5" long. It has 2 stainless steel ribbons / screws to keep the product from clumping and jamming up the auger. The auger is stainless steel and is 0.75" dimeter with a 7.75" long discharge. It has variable speed controls. Comes on a stainless steel frame on casters. In good working condition.

DCI Inc. Kettle

View Details

This suspension manufacturing vessel is 316L stainless steel. It's 20" diameter x 13" deep (40 litre capacity). It was built to have a Silverson high shear mixer attached but the mixer was never supplied to the manufacturer and there is no mixer with the unit. There is a sight glass in the top. It has all the bells and whistles you can think of, like vacuum and nitrogen purge. It was built to mix powders into liquids and keep in suspension with recirulation. It has a 2" outside diameter sani clamp outlet connection that's 34.5" from the floor. On casters. Comes out of a pharmaceutical facility. In excellent condition. Vessel mawp 40 / - 15 psig @ -20 to 300 F. Jacket mawp 75 / -15 psi @ 300 F.

Watson Marlow Pump

View DetailsModel: 840

Pump comes on it's own stainless steel cart on casters. 2.5" outside diameter sani clamp connection inlet and outlet. AC Tech variable speed controls with digital readout. In very good condition. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.

Stainless Totes

View Details
Tanks & TotesDrums or Totes

3 stainless steel totes. 1 is 63.5" long x 37" wide x 35.5" tall overall (58.5" long x 35" wide x 27.5" deep inside) It has a 2" outside diameter sani clamp connection bottom end outlet. On casters. It has a handle on one end that's been pushed in. 2 totes are 54.5" long x 37.75" wide x 39' tall overall (51" long x 35" wide x 27.5" deep inside). They both have a bottom corner 2" diameter outlet with a shut off valve. There is no handle on either tote. Last used in a food facility. 

Taylor Dual Screw Open Mouth Auger Packer

View DetailsModel: BDAP
FillersBulk Powder

Taylor dual screw open mouth auger packer with nearly new Fischbein PBC 6000 pinch bag closer. All stainless steel and wash down. Bags are placed on the spout, the operator presses the foot switch the bag clamp inflates and the dual screw auger begins it fill cycle. The bag is then fed into the Fischbein with conveyor to be closed. Can pack from 15 to 125 lbs. In very good condition.

Travtec Transfer Conveyor

View DetailsModel: Paratran II
ConveyorsTransfer Units
All stainless steel transfer conveyor on a stainless steel stand on casters with crank down feet. The belts are 32" long x 2.25" tall. It has variable speed controls but the dial has been removed off the box. The unit is hand crank height adjustable and hand crank adjustments for different bottle sizes. In good working condition. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.

General Conveyor Co. Ltd. Conveyor

View Details

All stainless steel conveyor with double wide belt. Each belt is 7.5" wide x 149" long. Each end of the conveyor has a 12.75" long x 12" wide mesh conveyor belt that can be removed. Both side of the conveyor has a 3" high stainless steel guide rail. Each belt has it's own stainless steel drive motor with seperate variable speed controls. On casters with crank down feet. Last used in a food facility. The conveyor belt is discolored because of the cleaner they used.

3M Top & Bottom Case Sealer

View DetailsModel: 18500
Case SealersTop & Bottom

Top & bottom drive belt case sealer. Belts are in good condition. It has a stop / start button on the top on the unit. It has the extra guide wheels to help the box feed in straight. On casters with height adjustable legs. Runs well, nice and quite. The top head needs some tlc, to be put back together.

Mueller / APV 10000 Litre Jacketed Tank

View Details
Tanks & TotesVertical Tanks

10,000 litre vertical stainless steel jacketed tank. It has a dish top with a 24" diameter manway that has a 2.5" outside diameter sani clamp inlet on it. It also has a 5" outside diameter sani clamp connection centre inlet. The tank is14' tall overall x 86" diameter. The jacket runs 93" down the side of the tank. The bottom is also dished with a 2.5" outside diameter sani clamp outlet. In very good condition. Last used in a cheese facility.

Lightnin Mixer Labmaster

View DetailsModel: L1U10
MixersLightnin Style

Clamp mounted lab mixer. It has a digital screen display with keypad controls. The mounting bracket can move and set side to side and up and down. In good working condition. No shaft or mixer with the unit.

Kason 30" Sifter

View DetailsModel: K30-1BT-SS

30" diameter sifter. Comes with 1 deck and 3 screen. It has a mild steel base that sits on a mild steel platform on wheels. The platform has an explosion proof control panel with on / off switch. In good condition.

Comarme Marchetti Top & Bottom

View DetailsModel: GEM-52
Case Sealers

Top and bottom case sealer with side drive belts. It can do a maximum box size of 19.5" wide x 20.5" tall with hand crank adjustments. It has the guide wheels on the top of the box to keep the box running straight. Has on / off switch. Belts are in good condition. It stands 29" from the floor. In good working condition.

Mettler Toledo Platform Scale

View DetailsModel: 2266
ScalesPlatform Scales

4' x 4' stainless steel platform scale. There is no readout with this scale. It has a capacity of 2500 lbs. It has a smooth top. There is also pistons underneath to lift the deck for cleaning. In very good condition.

Speedway Table Top Cap Retorquer

View DetailsModel: CT90

Semi automatic cap retorquer. The operator would put the bottle in the bottle guide then hold down a switch on either side of the unit to activate the chuck. Comes on a mild steel table with a stainless clad top on casters. In good working condition. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.

Neri Carton Labeler

View DetailsModel: BL400 VLX

This labeller is designed to apply pressure sensitve labels on the upper side of already formed cartons. The track and trace system on the machine allows you to print and verify a serialized code on the carton. It takes a maximum web reel of 400mm. Cartons are conveyed into the machine by two infeed belts. The cartons are spaced and inserted in time with the toothed belted conveyor that feeds into the labelling zone. The label is applied and a printer prints a barcode on the Vignette. Another ink jet printer prints a serialized code on the upper and lateral face of the cartons. Any incorrect labels are instantly rejected. Coder is a Wolke M600. Maximum machine speed is 400 per minute. Comes with spare parts as shown. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility. In excellent condition.

Hosokawa Bepex Low Pressure Extruder - New Never Used

View DetailsModel: BX150

We just uncrated this machine, it was never used. It is used for low pressure extrusion for the production of pellets from a viscous matrix. All contact parts are 316 stainless steel. It comes with two 316 stainless steel extrusion screens 2mm dia x 1.2mm thick. 

The description from the documentation says the following:

Products with loose structure, large surface and good forming properties are produced with this machine. The product consists of a paste of low flow characteristics and low moisture content.

The product to be processed is transported by the inlet into the machine. In the product area of the machine two rotors work in the opposite directions to each other. The upper 2 arm rotor with an angle rotor and addtional stirrers mixes and conveys the material down. The lower 3 arm rotor is equipped with curved arms and rotor knives. Through the 3 arm rotor the product is compressed and forced through a cylindrical screen basket. The diameter of the granules results from the perforation diameter in the screen basket.

Arrow Engineering Lab Size Mixer

View DetailsModel: A
MixersLightnin Style

Air operated mixer with shaft and impeller. The shaft is 13" long overall with 10.5" sticking out of the holder. The impeller has 3 blades that are 0.75" long. In good working condition.