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Welcome to William Banks Machinery's web page.


If you see something you are interested in and would like more information, go to the “Send an inquiry” section or give us a call.

Below you'll find some new arrivals to our site as well as some featured items we think you should know about.



90 Degree Conveyor

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Conveyors90 Degree

All stainless steel 90 deg conveyor. It's has a 12" wide belt with side rails. There is an overhead mount for an inkjet coder too. It has a varable speed Leeson frequency drive. On casters. In good working condition. Last used in a food facility.

Greerco Colloid Mill

View DetailsModel: W250V-B 93
Mills & GrindersColloid Mills

This mill has a jacketed grinding chamber. The hopper on top is 12" diameter x 15" deep. The mill has a 2" outside diameter sani clamp inlet and outlet. It has variable speed controls. Comes on a mild steel cart on casters. In good working condition.


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All stainless steel conveyor. The belt is 40" wide x 103" long. The discharge end has a slide for the product to transition from the belt to the next machine but that can be removed. It sits on a slight incline, 39" off the floor at one end up to 47.25" from the floor at the discharge end. It has height adjustable legs on casters that could adjust enough to have the belt run flat. One caster leg has been bent. In good condition. Last used in a bakery with down stream equipment so it will need a plug for the motor.

Velati-Milano Paddle Blender

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All stainless steel double shaft paddle blender with end discharge. The blender is 36.75" wide x 76" long x 18" deep. It has a 2 piece hinged grate over the top. The discharge has an air operated door. The opening is 14.75" wide x 15.25" long and is 42.25" from the floor. On height adjustable feet. It has a newer control box and wiring. In good working condition. Last used to make garlic butter.

Transfer Pump

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All stainless steel transfer pump. The pump would lower into your bowl and pump out the contents. It has a 6.5" outside diameter outlet with a funnel reducer down to a 3.25" diameter hose. In good working condition. Last used in a bakery.

Blue Giant Dock Lift

View DetailsModel: 3S/70x96

This lift allows you to load or unload product at any height. You would load onto the lift then raise or lower it to the height needed to get into or out of your building. Rated for 3000 lbs capacity. Non skid painted mild steel top with a ramp at both ends. 51.75" wide between the posts. In good working condition.

Rietz Twin Shaft Ribbon Blender

View DetailsModel: RS-18-K5405
1,000 pound capacity double ribbon blender with end discharge.  There are two 18" diameter ribbons, single ribbons 2" wide x 7/16" thick, 36.5" wide x 5' long inside,4" shaft .  They are driven by two 5 HP gear reduced motor drives w/stainless steel cover.   The discharge has two pneumatic discharge doors.  Complete with controls. 1 piece cover with safety interlock. Last used in bakery making fondant.

General Form Fill and Seal with Servo Auger

View DetailsModel: 48WACQ
Form Fill & SealVertical

Vertical form fill and seal machine comes with a metal detector, check weigher and discharge conveyor.

The bagger is a General with an AS&E model M75 servo auger filler. The jaws are 15" wide and has attachments for a gusseted bag. It has a 20" long back seal. It has an eye for registered film and it comes with a Videojet Data Flex Plus coder to print on the film. The discharge conveyor is 6' long x 16" wide. There are 4 sets of forming tubes. 3 square and 1 round.

The metal detector is a Goring Kerr TEK-DSP metal detector with an aperature of 10" wide x 4.75" tall to the belt (6" tall overall). It has an air blow off reject. Rejected items go into a bin that has a door at the bottom to empty it out. Service sticker expired Nov / 21.

The check weigher is a Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed Check Mate2 model # CX2411-GT. The infeed belt and load cell belts are 13" long x 7 1/2" wide and the exit belt is 16" long x 7 1/2" wide. 

All components are integrated with the General form fill and seal machine. Last running oats.

FEMC Conveyor

View DetailsModel: 2217-092

All stainless steel conveyor. The belt is 12" wide x 37.75" long. It's currently 32.5" from the floor but can go a slight bit lower. It has height adjustable legs. Was last part of a FEMC cup sealer line as a take away conveyor. In good condition. Last used in a food facility.

HEMA Technologies Piston Filler

View DetailsModel: TD3-1

Single head piston filler with a 4" diameter x 8" long piston (approx 1.25 litre).  The piston is on an cam and the stroke is adjusted by a hand crank with a gauge. It has a foot switch for activation. There is a small fill area to place your bottle when filling it up. It is height adjustable for differnt size of containers. The filler also has a Lightnin style mixer that can go into the hopper to keep your products moving. The shaft is there but the are no impellers. The mixer had a variable speed controler. In good working condition.

Dorner Incline Conveyor

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All stainless steel incline conveyor with stainless steel washdown motor. The belt is 12.5" wide x 96" long. It's 16" off the floor at the bottom with a discharge height of 78.5". The cleats are 11.5" wide x 1.25" tall. It has a start / stop button with emergancy stop and variable speed controls (Allen Bradley powerflex M4 controler). On casters with height adjustable legs. Comes with an extra belt. Last used in a food facility. In good working condition.

Centrifugal Pump

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This pump has stainless steel contact parts. The inlet is 1.5" inside diameter threaded connection. It has a 0.75" diameter threaded connection on it currently. The outlet is 1" inside diameter threaded connection. It has a barbed connection that's 7/8" diameter attached to it currently. It has a Baldor washdown motor. In good working condition.

60" Turntable

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60" diameter all stainless steel turntable. Variable speed controls. The table is 35.5" from the floor with 6.75" tall guide rails. The guide rails are 4" wide at the infeed to the turntable. It has height leveling feet (but it's missing 1). In good working condition. Last used in a cosmetic facility.

Stainless Steel Workstation

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Sinks & Tables

All stainless steel heavy duty workstation. The table is 79.5" long with a 20" deep top that's 33.5" from the floor. It has a 20.5" tall backsplash. At one end there is a compartment but it can be removed to have a larger surface area. There is storage underneath the table for files, hair nets, gloves and things like that. In very good condition.

JDA Form Fill and Seal with Single Head Scale

View DetailsModel: Redeepac 520
Form Fill & SealVertical

Our customer purchased this unit new in the Spring of 2019 do run his delicate short bread cookies. They installed it and ran trials on it and they found it was not right for their application. It comes with the following:

JDA MODEL – SF Net Weigher,  JDA  Smart Elevator conveyor to feed Bagger, JDA redeepac 520 Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine, cleated take away conveyor from bagger and JDA rotary accumulation table. 

This system only has 2 hours and 40 minutes on it.  If you are looking for a system, here is an opportunity for you to get nearly new equipment and save some money. Foot print as set up in photos is 12' 6" wide x 14' long. Full specs available on request.

Good Nature Plug and Play Flash Pasteurizer

View DetailsModel: PNP-264

This unit was manufactured in 10/08/2007. It's factory rated at 264 Gallons Per Hour (4.4 GPM) (maximum product flow). It has 3 plate heat exchangers (#1 – 6 plates, #2 – 21 plates, #3 – 7 plates). Last used in a neutraceutical facility. Machine spec's are:

- Parflow MRC5000 Temperature Chart Recorder
- Unibloc 1.5 HP Positive Displacement Pump
- TopFlo .5 Centrifugal Pump
- Stainless Steel Balance Tank
- Stainless Steel Holding Loop
- RBI Spectrum Series Boiler - Water Temperature Control System
Model SB150, Propane Fired, 121,500 BTU Output
- Operator Panel with E-Stop
- Electrical 230 Volt, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 7 Amps
- Skid Mounted
- comes with TempTek Model D1-10A, Serial Number 103409 - Trane Model TTA120A300FA, Serial Number 718579AAD - Odyssey Series
- Electrical 208-230 Volt, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 6.0 FLA

Bosch Automatic Capsule Filler

View DetailsModel: GFK1200
Capsule Fillers

Capable of producing up to 72,000 caps/hr. Includes two sets of size "0" tooling. The base is painted in FDA approved steel-it paint. Includes interlocking upper safety guarding and Becker vacuum pump. In very good working condition.

Orion Dry Vacuum Pump

View DetailsModel: KRF40-V-03 P5

Dry rotary vane vacuum pump. Has built in particulate filter.  In good condition. Last used in a food facility.

Viking Pump Inc. Chocolate Pump

View DetailsModel: LL124A

These pumps have a 3" inlet and outlets. Both are powered by Sew-Euro drives & gearboxes. They are mounted on mild steel frames. Last used in a chocolate facility.

Julabo Waterbath

View DetailsModel: F25
Lab EquipmentWaterbaths

This unit has a fill weight of 0.110 kg and a max operating pressure of 18 bar. It has an opening that's 6" long x 5" wide with a lid. Digital display unit. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.

Klockner Blister Sealer

View DetailsModel: CP2
Blister Sealers

Intermittent motion blister thermoformer.  It forms the cavity, you manually fill and it seals, perfs and die cuts the blister. The bottom film can be pvc, pvc/pvdc or polystyrol. The lid foil can be Aluminium coated with heat sealable laquer, aluminium lined with pvc or paper coated with heat sealable lacquer. Maximum foil width of 120 mm, maximum foil advance 90 mm and maximum forming depth is 12 mm. Machine has a Gottscho platen printer and comes with some tooling and spare parts. Machine is in good condition.

Cleveland Steam Kettle

View DetailsModel: KDL-80T

All stainless steel steam jacketed kettle with tilt. The kettle is 316 stainless steel and is 33" diameter x 27.75" deep. It has a hand crank tilt but also a bottom outlet that comes out the font of the kettle. The outlet is 2.5" outside diameter threaded connection with a hand adjusted valve. The kettle is on a stainless frame with leveling feet. Last used in a food facility. In good condition. CRN L6533.5. National board 60395. MAWP 50 psi @ 298 deg F. MDMT 33 deg F @ MAWP 50 psi.

Sadler Conveyor

View Details

This mild steel conveyor is 83" long overall. It has a incline section at the front of the conveyor that's 15.5" long. It can be removed. The packoff section is 60" long and the belt sticks out 5" past that with a plastic guard so there's no pinch point. The conveyor belt is 8" wide and has 8" pack-off depth on either side. It has height adjustable legs, and is currently 31.5" from the floor. The e-stop is the on / off button. In good working condition. Last used as a take away conveyor for blister packs in a pharmaceutical facility.

Canada Vibac Tape Corp Random Case Sealer

View DetailsModel: Sealast 50 A
Case SealersTop & Bottom

This random case sealer has a 70" long infeed with adjustable guide rails and bottom flap closer's. It is removable if you don't want it. It has 3" wide tape heads. Maximum case size is 20.25" tall x 17.25" wide. The case sealer has an emergency stop at one end. Belts are in very good condition. On casters. Last used in a bakery. In good working condition.

Kason 24" Sifter

View DetailsModel: K24-1FT-SS

This single deck 24" sifter sits on a 36" wide x 36" long stainless steel frame. The frame has height adjustable legs but currently is 35.5" from the floor. It has a main on / off switch. Comes with an extra screen. In good working condition. Last used in a bakery sifting flour.

Siemens Vacuum Pump

View DetailsModel: 2BE1103-OHY2-Z

This is a single stage liquid ring pump used to transport gases and vapors. The pump is suitable on dry and humid gases without dangerous effects and for operating liquids, which are not inflammable, explosible, poisonous or aggressive. The unit has 316 stainless steel contact parts and was rebuilt to the same as new capacity by Gardner Denver in 2016 and then never used.

US Bottlers Cap Elevator Sorter

View DetailsModel: RC-9-21

Caps are transferred from a holding bin, or “hopper” onto a revolving belt, moving upward at a 90 degree incline. The caps rest on the belts’ flights that are equially spaced. These flights on the belt are designed to keep caps that are oriented in the desired position, while the caps that are not oriented correctly are knocked off of the flights via gravity back into the hopper. Once the correctly oriented caps reach the top of the sorter, they are blown by air into the cap chute, and eventually down to the capper.  A Waterfall sorter is the best-fit for symmetrical, flat, round caps. Flights are spaced 1 3/4" apart. Part of a high speed bottling line. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.

APV Centrifugal Pump

View DetailsModel: W40/20

This pump has 316 stainless steel contact parts. It has a 2.5" outside diameter sani clamp inlet and a 2" outside diameter sani clamp outlet. It comes on a stainless steel frame with height adjustable legs. In good condition. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.

Metek Charger

View DetailsModel: 550EC3-24SPC

This charger has 125 - 550 amp hours in a 8 hour cycle. 138 max amps. It has a digital display with push button controls. In good working condition.

48" Turntable

View Details

48" diameter all stainless steel turntable. Variable speed controls. The table is 36" from the floor. On casters. In good working condition. It is missing 1 side panel. Last used in a food facility.

Silverson Lab Size Homogenizer

View DetailsModel: 150L

This homogenizer has a 1" outside diameter sani clamp connection inlet and outlet. It also has an inverter with a digital display and variable speed controls. Comes on a stainless steel frame on casters. In good working condition. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.

Stainless Process Steam Jacketed Mix Tank

View Details
Tanks & TotesVertical Tanks

All stainless steel mixing tank with a full jacket. The tank has a 3/4 lid with 4 sani clamp inlets. 2 are 2" and 2 are 2.5" outside diameter. The bridge for the motor is bolted to the top of the tank through the lid. The tank is 30" diameter x 39" deep (17" sidewall & 22" cone). Inside is a scrape surface mixer for the cone portion of the tank only. It has a 3.5" outside diameter sani clamp outlet that's 21.5" from the floor. The motor and gearbox are stainless & washdown. The jacket is 100 psi max @ 330 deg F. CRN OH8077.5. In good working condition. Last used in a food facility.

Design Filtration Inc. Hepa Air Filters

View DetailsModel: DA2-1HSL

Ceiling mounted Hepa filters. Various sizes. 2 - 24" x 24" (model DA2) & 1 - 24" x 35" (model 41103DF) & 5 - 24" x 48" (model DA3). All are in good condition.

ASM Colour Optical Sorter

View DetailsModel: V200

New in 2018. Only has 48 days of working hours on the machine. These machines are used on more than 100 different applications, from cereals to seeds and nuts, salt to pet food. Users can process many different products on the same machine just by changing the sorting program. IP6X certified, fully dust proof. It doesn’t require any cooling or heating from 0°C up to 40°C.  It has a touch screen interface with auto calibration. There are 3 cameras per chute. 2 for colour, 1 for infrared. Very good condition. Last used on cashews.

Crossover Stairs

View Details

All aluminum crossover stairs. The stairs have a clearance of 40.75" from the floor. The space between the steps is 45.5" at the bottom and 23" at the top. It has a closed back to the stairs, platform and top handrail so nothing will fall from the steps as you cross over. Non skid treads on the steps and top platform. In good condition. Comes out of a food facility.

Orics Tray Sealer

View DetailsModel: SLS VGP R20
Tamper EvidentTray Sealer

All stainless steel 4 station rotary tray sealer.  Equipped with the following: 48" diameter turntable, vacuum chamber assembly and seal head. It has an onboard Busch vacuum pump. The discharge station has a 3' long x 18" wide conveyor. The max web width is 13". It comes with 2 seal plates. One is 6 5/8" long x 4 11/16" wide the other plate is 8.5" long x 6 5/8" wide. The bottom chamber is 4" deep. Last used in a food facility.

Single Ribbon Blender

View Details

Stainless steel ribbon blender with mild steel painted legs and platform. The platform is 60" wide x 30" deep with a handrail on 2 sides. The handrail also has a hinge to open so you can unload a skid of product into the blender. The blender is 21.25" wide x 38" long x 24.25" deep. Appriximately 8.5 cu ft. It has a 1 piece hinged cover. The centre outlet is 3.75" diameter with a slide gate that's 47" from the floor. Last used in a food facility.

PMG Top & Bottom Case Sealer

View DetailsModel: PMG-212
Case Sealers

Brand new top and bottom case sealer. It can do a max of 21" wide x 26.25" tall boxes. It comes with the extension roller infeed and outfeed that you can choose to put on or not. They are brought from China and are ESA approved before being sold. They come with a one year parts warranty. Labor extra for normal wear and usage. Consumable parts are in stock at the customers shop. Comes with casters if you wish to put them on.