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Hycomp Oil Free Air Compressor Booster

View DetailsModel: AN6A-B201-BHMVA00-23/5T
Air Compressors

This booster takes plant air at 90 psi into a receiver tank and that air is picked up by the booster that boosts the psi up to a max of 165 psi. It fills the other receiver tank to provide the boosted air where needed. The unit was last used for medical packaging. 

Inlet Pressure 90 PSIG
Discharge Pressure 165 PSIG
Flow >32.8 SCFM
Duty Cycle Design Continuous

King Industrial Vertical Tank Air Compressor

View DetailsModel: KC-5160V1
Air Compressors

High output air compressor with a 60 gallon tank. It has 3 cylinder cast iron single stage oil lubricated pump. Factory pressure setting 95 - 125 psi. CRN K8619.1C. In good condition. Last used in a food facility.