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Gericke Screw Auger Feeder

View DetailsModel: GSF45
Auger Feeders

Stainless steel feeder. Hopper is 17.5" wide x 11.75" long x 36" deep (short side) & 46" deep (high side). It has an agitator above the auger so the product doesn't worn hole. The auger is 4.25" diameter and sticks out 34.5" from the hopper. It comes with 2 agitator augers, 2 screw augers, 2 auger tubes. In good condition. Last used in a food facility. 

Auger Feeder

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Auger Feeders

Only 1 unit avaliable. All stainless steel auger feeder with hopper. The hopper is 15.5" wide x 15.5" long x 8.75" deep to the grate that is over top of the auger. The auger is 29" long and 3.75" diameter. Last used to add a certain amount of baking powder from a super sack to a tote for blending. In good working condition.

Acrison Auger Feeder

View DetailsModel: 105X-C
Auger Feeders

Stainless steel hopper and infeed screw auger. It has a 1 piece removable lid. The hopper is 22.25" wide x 26.5" long x 21" deep with a level sensor. The opening for the auger is 9" wide x 13.5" long. It has 2 stainless steel ribbons / screws to keep the product from clumping and jamming up the auger. The auger is stainless steel and is 0.75" dimeter with a 7.75" long discharge. It has variable speed controls. Comes on a stainless steel frame on casters. In good working condition.