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Mild Steel Ribbon Blender

View DetailsModel: 50 Cubic Foot
Blenders → Ribbon

Approximately 50 cu.ft. mild steel ribbon blender. 25 hp motor. Inside measurements are 12' 5" long x 3' wide x 4' deep. Overall length is 13' 6". Legs are 4' tall. It has a 9" square end discharge, with 48" discharge height from the floor. Last mixing fertilizer salts.

HB Metals New Ribbon Blender

View DetailsModel: HB-62 Heavy-Duty Ribbon Blender
Blenders → Ribbon

New!! 62 cubic foot stainless steel ribbon blender.

Model: HB-62 Heavy-Duty Ribbon Blender
Shell: 3/16” thick SS plate
End Plates: 3/8” thick SS plate
Material:  304SS
Working Capacity:  62 cu. ft.
Dimensions:  Inside dimensions are 96” long x 35” wide x 40” deep. 

Drive:  25 HP 2 speed Helical Gear Motor 575V / 3PH / 60HZ w/ chain and sprocket.  Chain and sprocket are completely enclosed in a 2-piece 304SS removable guard.

Agitator:  3” dia. flanged stub shafts on self aligning heavy-duty pillow block bearings, 4” SCH 80 pipe w/ end flanges (main shaft), seven (7) 1-1/2” dia. round bar spokes, outer ribbons 3/8” thick x 1-1/2” flat bar, inner ribbons 3/8” thick x 2” flat bar.

Discharge:  8” dia. pneumatic Plug Valve with an all 304SS removable enclosure and a square-round transition connection chute.

Seals:  Two (2) 3-piece Air Purge Shaft Seal operating at 20-25 psi.

Cover:  One (1) 3-piece flat hinged cover (as per previous designs). 

Welding:  All welding is continuous.  All internal welds will be ground smooth, all external welds will be heat stained removed.


Marion Paddle Mixer

View DetailsModel: SPS-4296
Blenders → Paddle

80 cu. ft. all stainless steel paddle mixer. The blender has a 3 piece hinged lid. The centre cover has a 8" diameter inlet, a 1" diameter threaded inlet for liquid and also a 8" diameter viewing window. The other 2 covers do not have anything. There are 3 grates covering the top of the blender. Each grate has a lockout safety switch. Inside dimensions are 42" wide x 96" long x 49.5" tall (bottom of cross pieces). There is a level sensor at one end of the blender as well. The shaft is 4" diameter. There are 8 paddles on the shaft that are 18" long x 6" tall with 2.25" diameter shafts. Each end has a side scraper blade. The outlet is bottom centre and is 11.5" wide x 20" long with a pneumatic slide gate to open and close it. Outlet is 33" from the floor. The frame for the outlet is 26" from the floor. In good condition. Last used in a bakery.

Modern Butcher Supply Sigma Blade Mixer

View DetailsModel: VAK MIX-250 LTR

Double arm sigma blade mixer. The mixer is 27.5" wide x 28.25" long x 21.5" deep (250 litre). The blades can run forwards and reverse. It has a one piece hinged cover with lockout. The mixer has vacuum capabilities, and also tilts. The tilt has a trough attachment to dump your product into a bin. All stainless steel. In good condition. The wiring needs fixing as the control on the front of the unit don't work but you can go into the panel and push the connectors to actuate the mixer. Last used in a food facility.

50 Cubic Foot Ribbon Blender

View Details
Blenders → Double Ribbon
This blender is 127" long overall and 76" wide at the motor (side mounted) and 110" tall overall. It has an 8" centre discharge that's 65" from the floor. It has a two piece hinged cover. It comes with a galvanized steel mezzanine that's 75" wide x 146" long overall with 30" wide stairs. The railing is 42" tall and has a 70" long section that is hinged to allow room for a skid of something to fill the blender. The mezzanine mounts are 80.5" from the floor. The shell of the blender is stainless steel, the legs and frame are painted mild steel. Last used for food ingredients.