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14 Cubic Foot Ribbon Blender

Inquire About This ProductItem #: 5522
Manufacturer: Scott
Model: SRM244SS

Stainless steel double ribbon blender. It has a 2 piece hinged plastic cover over as well as a stainless steel safety grate. The blender is 48" wide x 24" deep (approximately 14 cu ft). It has a centre discharge with 6" plug valve. The discharge also has a set of chopper blades on it (can be removed) that was used to make sure there were not any lumps in the product. The discharge height is 38" from the floor. It was last blending 100% vegan, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, food grade safe, baking soda based laundry soap. In good working condition.

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A video is available for viewing at http://www.banksmachinery.com/product/blenders/double-ribbon/5522-14-cubic-foot-ribbon-blender.html

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