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Atlas Vac Medical Blister Sealer

View DetailsModel: 18x30 Dual Shuttle
Blister Sealers
  • Heat Sealing Area - 18 in. X 30 in.  (45.7cm x 76.2cm)
  • Tool height opening up to 4.5”
  • Manually operated DUAL aluminum shuttles, clear anodized, on smooth 1” dia. stainless shafts w/non-lube linear bearings
  • Two hand Banner Opti-touch safety rated sensors
  • On-screen programmable Time and Temperature controls
  • Last used in a pharmaceutical operation

Klockner Blister Sealer

View DetailsModel: CP2
Blister Sealers

Intermittent motion blister thermoformer.  It forms the cavity, you manually fill and it seals, perfs and die cuts the blister. The bottom film can be pvc, pvc/pvdc or polystyrol. The lid foil can be Aluminium coated with heat sealable laquer, aluminium lined with pvc or paper coated with heat sealable lacquer. Maximum foil width of 120 mm, maximum foil advance 90 mm and maximum forming depth is 12 mm. Machine has a Gottscho platen printer and comes with some tooling and spare parts. Machine is in good condition.