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Comarme Marchetti Top & Bottom

View DetailsModel: GEM-52
Case Sealers

Top and bottom case sealer with side drive belts. It can do a maximum box size of 19.5" wide x 20.5" tall with hand crank adjustments. It has the guide wheels on the top of the box to keep the box running straight. Has on / off switch. Belts are in good condition. It stands 29" from the floor. In good working condition.

PMG Top & Bottom Case Sealer

View DetailsModel: PMG-212
Case Sealers

Brand new top and bottom case sealer. It can do a max of 21" wide x 26.25" tall boxes. It comes with the extension roller infeed and outfeed that you can choose to put on or not. They are brought from China and are ESA approved before being sold. They come with a one year parts warranty. Labor extra for normal wear and usage. Consumable parts are in stock at the customers shop. Comes with casters if you wish to put them on.

Soco Systems Case Sealer

View DetailsModel: T-100
Case Sealers → Top & Bottom

This top and bottom case sealer has roller infeed and outfeed extensions. The rollers are plastic and are in very good condition. There is a main on / off on the front as well as a emergency stop on both sides of the unit. Height adjustable legs on casters. In good working condition. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.

Interpack Random Case Sealer

View DetailsModel: RSA 2024
Case Sealers → Top & Bottom

This random top and bottom case sealer has side drive belts. It has HSD 2000 high speed tape heads and it even comes with 1 extra tape head. All rollers on the 3 tape heads need to be replaced because they all have turned to goo and have melted off. It's fully guarded with plexiglass. The infeed window is 18" wide x 12" tall. The outfeed plexiglass is hinged but the 2 clasps that holds the doors closed needs to be replaced. In good working condition, the belts run quietly and smooth. Comes with a hand full of extra springs. Comes out of a cosmetic facility.

Little David Case Sealer

View DetailsModel: 3SB/2
Case Sealers → Top & Bottom

3 identical fully guarded case sealers. The guarding is cut to accept boxes up to 13" wide x 9.75" tall. You would need to cut the safety glass to get a larger box to fit. It has doors on either side of the sealer all with lockout safety switches. Main control panel has on / off switch with emergency stop. There is also start / stop with e-stop at infeed end too. On casters. All units come with 1 extra tape head, extra rollers and 2 sets of new gripper belts. In very good working condition. Last used in a cosmetic facility.

Canada Vibac Tape Corp Random Case Sealer

View DetailsModel: Sealast 50 A
Case Sealers → Top & Bottom

This random case sealer has a 70" long infeed with adjustable guide rails and bottom flap closer's. It is removable if you don't want it. It has 3" wide tape heads. Maximum case size is 20.25" tall x 17.25" wide. The case sealer has an emergency stop at one end. Belts are in very good condition. On casters. Last used in a bakery. In good working condition.