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Hauser 1 litre piston filler

View DetailsModel: PPF1-6-1
Fillers → Piston

This filler is fully sanitary with 304 stainelss steel construction, with all FDA seals, on a stainless steel frame on casters. The product hopper has a variable speed agitator which can be disassembled without any tools. The piston is 3.87" diameter x 6" stroke. It has a max fill of 1 litre. It has a hand crank for adjusting the volume size ranging from 200 cc - 1000 cc. It also has a drip free 1.5" diameter nozzle. It has a 2" diameter diaphragm pump to pump your product into the hopper. Last doing hot fills, filling soup. CFIA CERTIFIED. In good working conditon.

Spee-Dee Powder Auger Filler

View DetailsModel: 3500S
Fillers → Auger

Stainless steel auger filler with load cell conveyor. The bottles would come in, sit on the load cell on the conveyor. The auger would fill to the desired weight then shut off and the conveyor would release the bottle. The hopper is 21.25" diameter x 20" deep. The top of the hopper has a 6" diameter inlet, a 8" long x 5" wide covered inlet on the other side, as well as a level sensor. The auger is tapered from 1.5" down to 0.75" diameter with a 0.75" inside (1" outside) diameter discharge. It also has agitiation to keep the product from sticking to the sides. The discharge has a removable attachment on it that you could put a vacuum to to keep the dust down. The unit is height adjustable with a rachette crank on the bottom of the column. The unit is on casters. The conveyor is 96" long x 8.25" wide. It has double guide rails on each side and sits on casters. It needs a new belt this one is brittle and broken. In good working condition. Comes out of a neutraceuticals facility.

Tonazzi Plastic Tube Filler & Sealer

View DetailsModel: 501
Fillers → Tube

9 station manual load rotary tube filler. The hopper is 16.75" diameter x 22" deep. It has a photo eye for no tube no fill. The first station taps down the tube to make sure it's down all the way. It then gets filled. After that there are 2 stations for sealing the tube. Each jaw has it's own digital temperture controls. The next station trims the access plastic, and finally a date stamper before getting ejected. Comes with a few numbers for the stamp coder. There are lockouts on the doors and an emergency stop. Comes with a few spare parts, an extra piston and 4 boxes of pucks for many shapes and sizes of tubes. In good working condition. Last used in a cosmetic facility filling 25 ml tubes.

Elmar / Pfaudler Rotary Piston Filler

View DetailsModel: 5F9640
Fillers → Piston
Elmar / Pfaudler, automatic 10 head, stainless steel, rotary piston filler. Rated from 50 to 300 containers per minute - depending on materials and application. Equipped with 108" long x 2-1/2" wide vari speed container conveyor with worm screw to star wheel in feed and discharge,10 filling heads set on 6" centers with 1/2" OD nozzles, (10) 12 oz pistons with no container / no fill. Control panel with flush and valve control switches. Conveyor speed dial, start, stop, jog and e-stop push button controls, with interlock safety guarding. Last running a 350 ml bottle of hair gel. Customer purchased for the job and then lost the contract. Machine is in excellent condition, very little use. Machine had full PHSR and has ESA sticker. Manual available.