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HEMA Technologies Piston Filler

View DetailsModel: TD3-1
Fillers → Piston

Single head piston filler with a 4" diameter x 8" long piston (approx 1.25 litre). The piston is on an cam and the stroke is adjusted by a hand crank with a gauge. It has a foot switch for activation. There is an adjustable table / stand to place your bottle when filling it up. In good working condition.

4 Head Piston Filler

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Fillers → Piston

This 4 head piston filler runs right to left. The conveyor sits vertically and advances the bottles along with a variable speed drive. It's 59.5" long with 3.5" spacing between lugs. The guide rail is adjustable to accommodate different bottle sizes. However you can not change the bottle height. Maximum height it can fill is 6.5" tall bottles. A photo eye counts 4 lugs and stops the conveyor and the pistons fill. The pistons are 2" diameter x 15.5" long (approximately 750 ml each). All 4 heads are controlled by 3 air cylinders. The nozzles are 1" outside diameter and taper down to 0.75" at the spout. Everything in contact with product is sani clamped together for easy tare down. It's on casters. In good working condition. Last used in a food facility.