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Groen Kettle

View DetailsModel: TDC/3-20

Both kettles are 12" diameter x 12" deep. They are tilting kettles on stainless steel bases. Maximum working pressure is 55 psi @ 325 deg F & 55 psi @ 305 deg F. MDMT is 32 deg F @ 55 psi for both. Both are in good condition. One is missing the 2nd tilting handle.

Groen Steam Jacketed Kettle

View DetailsModel: RA 100SP

100 gallon 316 stainless steel scrape surface steam jacket kettle. It has a centre bridge with a hinged cover on each side. The bridge has 3 - 2" outside diameter inlets. 2 are threaded, 1 is sani clamp. The bridge is not removable. The kettle is 36" diameter x 30" deep. There are 2 baffles inside the kettle for mixing. It has a 3.5" outside diameter threaded outlet. MAWP was originally rated for 100 psi @ 338 deg F but it was re-rated in 1997 for 80 psi @ 338 deg F. National Board # 55637. In good condition. Last used in a food facility.

Lee Industries 50 Gallon Kettle

View DetailsModel: 50D7S

50 gallon single motion sweep kettle with a Scott Turbon drop in high shear mixer. Model TMS2B-1.125X22.5. Serial 12495. Manufactured in 2015. The kettle has a bridge with a 2.5" outside diameter sani clamp connection inlet and an inlet where the high shear mixer is mounted. It also has 2 piece hinged cover. The kettle is 22.5" deep (to the bottom of the bridge) x 29.5" diameter. It has a 3" outside diameter sani clamp connection outlet with an air operated open / close valve. It has a on / off control box. On height adjustable feet. In good working condition. Last used in the food industry for mustard. MAWP 125 psi @ 353 F.  MDMT -20 F @ 125 psi. National Board # 5918. CRN # C9277.6.