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50 Litre Vacuum Emulsifying Kettle

Inquire About This ProductItem #: 5923
Manufacturer: Chasing
Model: SZL-50B

This is an electrically heated jacketed kettle with double motion scrape surface mixer and emulsifier with vacuum capabilities. The kettle is 18" diameter x 20.25" deep (50 litre capacity). The lid has 2 inlets, a spray ball inlet and 2 vacuum ports. There is a viewing port and a light inside that can come on to see inside when mixing. The mixer is double motion and can run 0 - 64 rpm. The homogenizer runs down the centre of the mixer and sits at the bottom of the kettle. It can run 0 - 3600 rpm. It has a 1.5" ball valve outlet that's connected to a hose so it can drain out the back of the unit. Or you can raise out the mixer and tilt the kettle with a hand crank to empty it. The mixer lifts vertically out of the hopper by a hydraulic pump. It is hydro approved and has Allen - Bradley variable speed drives and Seimens smartline touch screen controls. In very good working condition. Last used in a cosmetic facility.

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A video is available for viewing at http://www.banksmachinery.com/product/kettles/5923-50-litre-vacuum-emulsifying-kettle.html

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