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Quantachrome Stereopycnometer

View DetailsModel: SPY-3
Lab Equipment
These machines are designed to measure the true volume of powders and other solid materials. Sample size range from 5 cm3 to 135 cm3. Adjustable gas flow rates. Easy to read display. Power switch is a little finicky but works. Comes with extra parts. Hydro approved sticker on machine.

Sotax Tablet Disintegration Tester

View DetailsModel: DT3
Lab Equipment

Unit is in good working condition. It does not have the glassware. 

Gilson Auto Siever

View DetailsModel: GA-6
Lab Equipment → Sieves / Sifters

Laboratory test sieve for particle sizing of fine granular materials and dry powders ranging from 850µm (No. 20) to 5µm. Stack assembly comes with a GAA-35 426um, GAA-31 850um, GAA-47 53um, GAA-40 180 um, GAA-42 125um and GAA-45 75um sieves. Also included are 7 acryllic spacers and one GAA-48 45um screen. Manual also included. Requires a new fines collector.

Pyrex Glass Beakers

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Lab Equipment

2 litre glass beakers. Brand new made by Pyrex. 108 cases with 4 per case. 432 total beakers.