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Neri Carton Labeler

View DetailsModel: BL400 VLX

This labeller is designed to apply pressure sensitve labels on the upper side of already formed cartons. The track and trace system on the machine allows you to print and verify a serialized code on the carton. It takes a maximum web reel of 400mm. Cartons are conveyed into the machine by two infeed belts. The cartons are spaced and inserted in time with the toothed belted conveyor that feeds into the labelling zone. The label is applied and a  printer prints a barcode on the Vignette. Another ink jet printer prints a serialized code on the upper and lateral face of the cartons. Any incorrect labels are instantly rejected. Coder is a Wolke M600. Maximum machine speed is 400 per minute. Comes with spare parts as shown. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility. In excellent condition.

Paragon Print & Apply Labeler

View DetailsModel: PLS-400
Labelers → Print & Apply

This labeler has a Zebra 110Pax4 print engine. It's capable of doing a 5.75" tall label. It prints the label and tamps it on the box using an air operated pusher. It comes on a mild steel stand on casters and is height adjustable. In good working condition. Last used in a food facility.

Paragon Blow On Labeler

View DetailsModel: Express 8805010
Labelers → Blow On

Blow on labeler on a stainless steel stand. The stand is fully adjusted by hand crank for height as well as in and out. The labeler can handle a 5" long x 4" wide max label. It has a gap and product sensor. In good working condition. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.

Labeling Systems Inc. Case Labeler

View DetailsModel: 1200
Labelers → Print & Apply

2 identical case labelers. The labeler is capable of doing up to a 4.25" tall label. If you were change the label applicator you can do a 6" tall label. The conveyor belt is 12" wide and 60" long. On the infeed end there is a 15" long transition plate that you can move in or out above the conveyor belt to shorten or lengthen the overall length of the belt. It has adjustable guide rails and a top guide rail top keep lighter boxes from moving while getting labeled. On casters. In good working condition. Last used in a cosmetic facility. There is a 3rd unit but it need some work and is best used for a parts machine.

Avery Top Labeler

View DetailsModel: ALS230L
Labelers → Wipe On

This labeler is capable of doing up to a 4.5" wide label. It has hand cranks for adjusting up / down and in / out for your label position. It has a digital display. The conveyor belt is 6" wide x 72" long. It has a variable speed controls with an encoder so everything speeds up and slows down together. The unit comes on one mild steel painted frame on casters. In good working condition. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.