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Fortress Metal Detector

View DetailsModel: Phantom
Metal Detectors

All stainless steel with intralox belting. The conveyor is 12" wide x 90" long on a slight incline from 22" from the floor up to 36" high at the other end. The aperture is 14" wide x 5" tall to the belt and 7" tall overall. The frame is on casters. Variable speed controls. The frequency is set at 156 Khz and the sensitivity is 1.5 mm ferrous, 2.0 non ferrous, 3.5 stainless steel. This unit was sent to Fortress and the following work was completed, It is like a new unit.

  1. Chute Repair
  2. Retune
  3. Hollow spots filling (4 sides)
  4. New Control Panel
  5. New digital board with FM
  6. New search head board

Ceia Metal Detector

View DetailsModel: THS (21E)
Metal Detectors

All stainless steel metal detector and conveyor. The conveyor is 70.5" long x 12" wide. The aperture is 13.75" wide x 25.5" tall overall (24.25" to the belt). It has an auto-learn system (it will learn your product and sensitivity). The belt will stop when it detects something. It has a variable speed white food grade belt (in good condition) that's 32" from the floor. It has height adjustable feet. It's fully supported by Ceia. In good working condition. Last used in a food facility.

Safeline Metal Detector

View DetailsModel: 003
Metal Detectors → Flow Through

This metal detector comes on a stainless steel stand on casters. The head is height adjustable and the frame is "C" shaped so you can wheel a tote or drum in and out to fill. The aperture is 9" diameter. It has a digital display with keypad controls. A buzzer sounds when it detects foreign materials. In good working condition. The control panel paint is flaking off from being in a washdown environment but the head looks good. Last used in a food facility under a ribbon blender.