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Sick Light Curtain

View DetailsModel: C4000 micro

6 stands of light curtains. 4 look to have been used 2 still have to wrap around the light. Each light can be adjusted up and down in the frame. The light beam is 42" long and the stands are 95.25" tall. Each stand has leveling screws and level bubble for leveling once in place. Last used in a food facility around a robot.

Aeromatic Spray Wand

View DetailsModel: T/SG7

Spray wand for a Aeromatic T/SG7 Fluid Bed Dryer.

Eaton Emergency Backup Power Pack

View DetailsModel: Powerware 9170

Brand new emergency back up power unit. Has an output of 100 - 127 / 200 - 240 volt. Comes with 6 Panasonic batteries, 3 split phase power modulars, and a control panel. Still in the box.

Lorenz Slide Gate

View DetailsModel: MGR-600-AL

Stainless steel slide gate valve. The valve is 5.75" diameter inside diameter. Hand crank operated. In good condition. Came off of a hopper holding sugar.

Liquid Hopper

View Details

One unit left.

The hopper is 19.75" inside diameter with a 1.5" lip around to top x 15.5" deep. It has a 3.75" outlet with a butterfly valve for flow control. It has a viewing window down the side. In excellent condition.

Vac-U-Max Compactor

View DetailsModel: Z72139/01

All stainless steel. The compacting area is 26.5" wide x 19.5" long x 39" tall. The plunger is 20" wide x 16" long. There is a removable bin to take out the compacted items is 24" wide x 19.5" long x 25.75" deep. The opening on the front is 24" wide x 11" tall and it has a full door at the back. Both doors have a safety switch if opened the plunger stops. Was last used for compacting bags. It has forklift pockets for easy moving and height adjustable feet. In good working condition.

Hosokawa Bepex Low Pressure Extruder - New Never Used

View DetailsModel: Bextruder BX150

We just uncrated this machine, it was never used. It is used for low pressure extrusion for the production of pellets from a viscous matrix. All contact parts are 316 stainless steel. It comes with two 316 stainless steel extrusion screens 2mm dia x 1.2mm thick. 

The description from the documentation says the following:

Products with loose structure, large surface and good forming properties are produced with this machine. The product consists of a paste of low flow characteristics and low moisture content.

The product to be processed is transported by the inlet into the machine. In the product area of the machine two rotors work in the opposite directions to each other. The upper 2 arm rotor with an angle rotor and addtional stirrers mixes and conveys the material down. The lower 3 arm rotor is equipped with curved arms and rotor knives. Through the 3 arm rotor the product is compressed and forced through a cylindrical screen basket. The diameter of the granules results from the perforation diameter in the screen basket.


View Details

Stainless steel sani clamp connection piping. 3.5" outside diameter.

Square D Company Transformer

View DetailsModel: 75T3H

This transformer is in very good condition. It was last used to power a mixer in a pharmaceutical facility. It is 75 KVA and has a 480 high voltage and 208 low voltage.

Stoelting Ice Cream Machine

View DetailsModel: E111-37I-YG2

All stainless steel unit on a stainless steel stand on casters. Single serve unit. It has digital screen display with push button temperature controls. Last used in a dairy. In good condition.

Plastic Bins

View Details

15 plastic bins with lids. Bins are 20.5" diameter x 25" deep. There are no handles on the bins.

Crossover Stairs

View Details

All aluminum crossover stairs. The stairs have a clearance of 40.75" from the floor. The space between the steps is 45.5" at the bottom and 23" at the top. It has a closed back to the stairs, platform and top handrail so nothing will fall from the steps as you cross over. Non skid treads on the steps and top platform. In good condition. Comes out of a food facility.

ASM Colour Optical Sorter

View DetailsModel: V200

New in 2018. Only has 48 days of working hours on the machine. These machines are used on more than 100 different applications, from cereals to seeds and nuts, salt to pet food. Users can process many different products on the same machine just by changing the sorting program. IP6X certified, fully dust proof. It doesn’t require any cooling or heating from 0°C up to 40°C.  It has a touch screen interface with auto calibration. There are 3 cameras per chute. 2 for colour, 1 for infrared. Very good condition. Last used on cashews.

Design Filtration Inc. Hepa Air Filters

View DetailsModel: DA2-1HSL

Ceiling mounted Hepa filters. Various sizes. 2 - 24" x 24" (model DA2) & 1 - 24" x 35" (model 41103DF) & 5 - 24" x 48" (model DA3). All are in good condition.

R ON I Inc. Articulated Jib Crane

View DetailsModel: Mobi

This air operated lift assist has a 125 lbs capacity. It has an articulated arm with a reach of approximately 116". The tower is height adjustable. The base is 59" diameter and has pockets so a pump truck can easily move it. The vacuum bar is 19.75" long and had 2 adjustable vacuum pads that are 3.5" wide x 8" long. In good condition. Last lift safe certified in 2018. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.

Endress & Hauser Flow Meter

View DetailsModel: 80S

It has a 2.5" outside diameter sani clamp inlet & outlet. The 80S has a measuring range of 0 to 70 000 kg / h (0 to 2570 lbs / min). It has a ambient temperature range of  –50 to +150 °C (–58 to +302 °F). Last used in a food facility.


View Details

This platfrom is all stainless steel with a non skid step and top platform. The platform is 41" wide x 24" long (32" long overall) and is 15" off the floor. Never used, in excellent condition.

Gast Vacuum Blower

View DetailsModel: R93150A

The blower has a 3" outside diameter sani clamp inlet and outlet. The scrap drum is 18.25" diameter x 27.75" deep. It has 3" outside diameter sani clamp connections as well. The drum is mild steel but the unit sits on a stainless steel frame. In good condition.

MK Mechatronics Herbal Extractor

View DetailsModel: ME-8000

The tank is 12.75" diameter x 10.5" deep. Inside the tank is a removable basket for your herbs and things. The basket is 12.25" diameter x 7.25" deep. In the bottom of the tank there is a removable spacer to keep the basket off the bottom form better drainage. It has a bottom centre outlet that's 1" diameter that drains out the side of the tank. In good condition. Last used in a neutraceutical facility.