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Sick Light Curtain

View DetailsModel: C4000 micro

6 stands of light curtains. 4 look to have been used 2 still have to wrap around the light. Each light can be adjusted up and down in the frame. The light beam is 42" long and the stands are 95.25" tall. Each stand has leveling screws and level bubble for leveling once in place. Last used in a food facility around a robot.

Aeromatic Spray Wand

View DetailsModel: T/SG7

Spray wand for a Aeromatic T/SG7 Fluid Bed Dryer.

Column Sentry Post Protectors

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5 plastic covers that fit around steel posts to protect them. They are 42" tall x 24" diameter and fit around any post up to 8.5" x 8.5". They hold together by 2 velcro straps. 4 are in good condition but 1 has been cracked down by the base, but is still good.

Eaton Emergency Backup Power Pack

View DetailsModel: Powerware 9170

Brand new emergency back up power unit. Has an output of 100 - 127 / 200 - 240 volt. Comes with 6 Panasonic batteries, 3 split phase power modulars, and a control panel. Still in the box.

Stainless Cage

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This stainless steel cage is 78.5" long x 39.25" wide x 65.25" tall (75.25" overall). Each end has a hinged door. It has 2 fixed shelves on an angle and 2 flat selves that are adjustable or removable. On casters. In good condition.

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Pneumatic Valve

View DetailsModel: W6400026

Brand new 316L stainless steel valve. 4" air to lower. Tef - flow stem, FKM elastomers 32RA finish. 3" diameter inlet with a 3.5" outside diameter sani clamp connection outlet.

Lorenz Slide Gate

View DetailsModel: MGR-600-AL

Stainless steel slide gate valve. The valve is 5.75" diameter. Hand crank operated. In good condition. Came off of a hopper holding sugar.

Liquid Hoppers

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2 identical liquid hoppers. The hoppers are 19.75" inside diameter with a 1.5" lip around to top x 15.5" deep. Both have a 3.75" outlet with a butterfly valve for flow control. They each have a viewing window down the side. In excellent condition.

Vac-U-Max Compactor

View DetailsModel: Z72139/01

All stainless steel. The compacting area is 26.5" wide x 19.5" long x 39" tall. The plunger is 20" wide x 16" long. There is a removable bin to take out the compacted items is 24" wide x 19.5" long x 25.75" deep. The opening on the front is 24" wide x 11" tall and it has a full door at the back. Both doors have a safety switch if opened the plunger stops. Was last used for compacting bags. It has forklift pockets for easy moving and height adjustable feet. In good working condition.

Carbis Truck Access Safety Cage

View DetailsModel: TCG1000-7G and Cage

Carbis galvanized truck access gangway and safety cage. It has a working range of 45 deg above to 40 deg below horizontal. It stores upright at 85 deg. above horizontal. It has adjustable chain stops. Walk surfaces are serrated metal. It was last used at a plant that has since closed and the plant it went to does not need it. In good condition.

Bottle Hoppers

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2 identical stainless steel bottle hoppers. Bottles would get dumped into the top and a worker would unload the bottles from the hopper onto the line. They tilt back for easy loading and have a opening in the front for the worker to grab bottles at a good height. The hopper is 30" wide x 24" long x 30" deep. On casters with locking wheels. In good condition.

Sani-Matic COP Wash System

View DetailsModel: RW12

All stainless steel.

Bed is 2' wide x 12' long. Comes with 2 baskets.

Steam heat.

Hosokawa Bepex Low Pressure Extruder - New Never Used

View DetailsModel: BX150

We just uncrated this machine, it was never used. It is used for low pressure extrusion for the production of pellets from a viscous matrix. All contact parts are 316 stainless steel. It comes with two 316 stainless steel extrusion screens 2mm dia x 1.2mm thick. 

The description from the documentation says the following:

Products with loose structure, large surface and good forming properties are produced with this machine. The product consists of a paste of low flow characteristics and low moisture content.

The product to be processed is transported by the inlet into the machine. In the product area of the machine two rotors work in the opposite directions to each other. The upper 2 arm rotor with an angle rotor and addtional stirrers mixes and conveys the material down. The lower 3 arm rotor is equipped with curved arms and rotor knives. Through the 3 arm rotor the product is compressed and forced through a cylindrical screen basket. The diameter of the granules results from the perforation diameter in the screen basket.


View Details

Stainless steel sani clamp connection piping. 3.5" outside diameter.

Eisai (Bosch) Vial Inspection Unit

View DetailsModel: VIS-200

Semi-automatic inspection systems allow visual inspection of vials containing liquids or powdered / lyophilized products, as well as empty vials, at higher rates and with less operator fatigue than with manual inspection systems.

These systems move vials into an optimized viewing area, rotate them, and send accepted or rejected vials into separate areas, as manually directed by the operator.

VIS 200 handles vials up to 200 ml and has adjustable / programmable inspection angles of 30°, 45° and 60°


ABB Automation Technologies Robot

View DetailsModel: IRB 140-6/0.8

6 axis robot. Comes with the control pad. It only has 478.49 hours on it. In very good condition. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.

Dynaric Inc. Strapping Machine

View DetailsModel: SS-80

This strapping machine has a max height of 24" tall and a width of 34.25" wide. The deck has rollers to help move boxes in and out. There is a tension dial on the side to adjust the tightness of the strap. It has a foot switch inlet but it is missing the foot pedel. On casters. In good condition. 

Stoelting Ice Cream Machine

View DetailsModel: E111-37I-YG2

All stainless steel unit on a stainless steel stand on casters. Single serve unit. It has digital screen display with push button temperature controls. Last used in a dairy. In good condition.