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Lightnin Mixer Labmaster

View DetailsModel: L1U10
Mixers → Lightnin Style

Clamp mounted lab mixer. It has a digital screen display with keypad controls. The mounting bracket can move and set side to side and up and down. In good working condition. No shaft or mixer with the unit.

Fisher Scientific Lab Size Mixer

View DetailsModel: SL2400
Mixers → Lightnin Style

This mixer has a 10 mm chuck style shaft holder. It has a through put shaft so it can handle any length you need. It has variable speed controls which has an off switch when turned right down. In good working condition.

SPX Flow Lightnin Mixer

View DetailsModel: XSS5P150
Mixers → Lightnin Style

Stainless steel clamp mounted mixer. Takes a 1" diameter shaft. In good working condition. Last used in a cosmetic facility.