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Plastic Bins

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15 plastic bins with lids. Bins are 20.5" diameter x 25" deep. There are no handles on the bins.


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All stainless steel conveyor. The belt is 4.5" wide x 120" long. It has an on / off switch and variable speed controls. It has double high guide rails that are individually height adjustable. The legs are height adjustable with leveling feet. In good working condition. A couple of slats are broken on the conveyor but we have replacement slats.

Sharpsville Container Corp Tank

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Tanks & TotesVertical Tanks

All stainless steel tank on frame with casters. Approximately 37 gallons. The tank is 22.5" diameter (24.25" diameter with the lip) x 21" deep sidewall (24" deep at the centre outlet). The outlet is 1" diameter with a 2" sani clamp connection. The outlet is 24" from the floor. It has the bracket for a clamp on mixer. In good condition. Last used in a neutraceutical facility.

Single Wall Tank

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Tanks & TotesVertical Tanks

All stainless steel single wall cone bottom tank. It has a domed top with 5 inlets. 3 - 2.75" diameter, 1 - 2.25" diameter and 1 - 3.5" outside diameter sani clamp connection. There is also one 2" diameter inlet on the side of the tank near the top. The tank is 72" diameter x 101.5" tall. It has a 50" tall sidewall and a 36.75" tall bottom cone (approximately 1100 gallons). The outlet is 3.25" diameter and is 14.75" from the floor. There is a 2" diameter treaded outlet on the cone near the outlet as well. It has a 18" diameter manway on the side near the top. In good condition. Last used in a food facility.

Damark Heat Tunnel

View DetailsModel: STR 16D
TunnelsHeat Tunnels

This heat tunnel has a 16" wide opening x 10.75" tall. The belt is 46.25" long. It has a height adjustable crank on the side to move the entire unit up and down. It has variable speed controls for the belt and digital heat controls. In good working condition. Last used in a bakery.

Drop In Homogenizer

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This homogenizer has a 24.25" long shaft. The motor is a Weg severe duty motor. In good condition. The motor cover has been pushed in and is hitting the blades and should be replaced but the shaft and motor move freely otherwise. Last used in a food facility.

Nordson Glue Unit

View DetailsModel: ProBlue 4

This glue unit comes on a stainless steel stand that sits on a stainless steel cart on wheels. Comes with the transformer base. There is no power cord or guns with the unit.

Donaldson Torit Portable Dust Collector

View DetailsModel: DFO 1-1
Dust Collectors

Portable dust collector. It has a stainless box on the inlet (can be removed) that has 5 - 1.5" diameter inlets. The exhaust has a hepa filter. It has a main power switch with on / off button. In good working condition. Last used in a neutraceutical facility for capsule filling.


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All stainless steel conveyor with a 6" wide x 145" long belt. The belt is white intralox with rubber grips on it. It has full length guiderails which can go 8.5" wide max. It has height adjustable legs and comes with casters, they just aren't on. Variable speed drive with a 125 volt twist lock plug. In very nice condition. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.

Best Flex Expandable Roller Conveyor

View DetailsModel: 200

Expandable roller conveyor with metal rollers. The conveyor is 19" wide x 26.75" long compacted and 97" long fully expanded. It is not flexable to be able to curve it can only expand straight. On height adjustable legs on casters. In good condition. 

Square tank

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Tanks & Totes

Approximately 70 litre (19 gallons) square tank on casters. The tank is 13" wide x 13" long x 26.5" deep (27.5" deep at the outlet). The outlet is 0.75" diameter and has a 2" outside diameter sani clamp connection. There is a 7" deep ledge at the back of the tank with a 5.5" tall backsplash. In good condition. Last used in a food facility.

Pyrex Glass Beakers

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Lab Equipment

2 litre glass beakers. Brand new made by Pyrex. 108 cases with 4 per case. 432 total beakers.

Square Tank

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Tanks & Totes

All stainless steel square tank with a closed top. The tank has a 18" diameter manway. In the middle of the manway there is a 2" outside diameter sani clamp connection inlet. The tank is 34.75" wide x 38" long x 41" deep (approximately 235 gallons). It has a slanted bottom with a 3.5" outside diameter sani clamp connection bottom side outlet. The outlet has a butterfly valve with a sani clamp connection. It has forklift pockets for easy moving. Last used in a food facility. In good condition.

Groen Hemispherical Kettle

View DetailsModel: KR-60-SP

This hemispherical kettle has a one piece removable lid with a 1.5" diameter opening in the middle of it. The kettle is 25.75" diameter x 38" deep (approximately 60 gallons). It has a hemispherical bottom with a 1" diameter centre outlet that comes out the side of the kettle. The outlet has a 1.5" threaded shut off valve on the end. There is an inlet of the side of the tank for a temperature probe. Last used in a food facility. In good condition. Max working pressure is 25 psi @ 300 deg F. CRN - B5904.5.

Cleated Inline Conveyor

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Cleated incline conveyor. The belt is 13.75" wide and has 2.25" high sidewalls. It starts at 32" from the floor and has a discharge height of 96" (8 feet). The ribs on the belt are 0.25" tall and are spaced 2" apart. On a stainless steel frame on casters. In good condition. Last used in a food facility.

PMG Top & Bottom Case Sealer

View DetailsModel: PMG-212
Case Sealers

Brand new top and bottom case sealer. It can do a max of 21" wide x 26.25" tall boxes. It comes with the extension roller infeed and outfeed that you can choose to put on or not. They are brought from China and are ESA approved before being sold. They come with a one year parts warranty. Labor extra for normal wear and usage. Consumable parts are in stock at the customers shop. Comes with casters if you wish to put them on.

Atlas Vac Medical Blister Sealer

View DetailsModel: 18x30 Dual Shuttle
Blister Sealers
  • Heat Sealing Area - 18 in. X 30 in.  (45.7cm x 76.2cm)
  • Tool height opening up to 4.5”
  • Manually operated DUAL aluminum shuttles, clear anodized, on smooth 1” dia. stainless shafts w/non-lube linear bearings
  • Two hand Banner Opti-touch safety rated sensors
  • On-screen programmable Time and Temperature controls
  • Last used in a pharmaceutical operation