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Fischbein Pinch Bag Closer

View DetailsModel: PBC 6000
Bag Sealers

This bag sealer can do multi-wall paper pinch-style bags with pre-applied glue. It can run any size gusseted and flat bags. There is a hand crank to adjust to any height. It has a digital heat display and variable speed controls and can run up to 80 ft / minute. The unit runs right to left. The conveyor is 575 volt, 3 ph, with variable speed controls. The belt is145" long x 10" wide but it can handle up to a 12" wide belt. It has a height adjustable stainless steel guide rail on one side. Both pieces are on casters. In good working condition. Last used in a food facility.

Robot Coup Vertical Cutter Mixer

View DetailsModel: R23
Bowl Choppers

All stainless steel. The lid is plastic with a 4.5" diameter infeed to drop product into the hopper. The opening into the bowl is 1.75" wide x 2.5" long. The lid has been cracked. The hopper is 12.5" diameter x 11.5" deep. It has 3 adjustable blades inside, the top blade is 5" up from the bottom of the bowl. It has a manual tilt for emptying. It has a digital readout with stainless steel buttons. In good working condition.

Marchesini Auto Load Tuck Cartoner

View DetailsModel: BA100

Cartoner was last running single lipstick cartons at 58 per minute. It has Allen Bradley Panel View 600 controls and safety interlocked guarding. The manuals are available and some spare parts. It is in good conditon.


Safeline Metal Detector

View DetailsModel: 400303
Metal DetectorsFlow Through

This metal detector come on a stainless steel stand on casters. The head is height adjustable and the frame is "C" shaped so you can wheel a tote or drum in and out to fill. The head is 8.75" diameter. It has a digital display with keypad controls. A buzzer sounds when it detects foreign meterials. In very good working condition. Last used in a food facility under a ribbon blender.

50 Cubic Foot Ribbon Blender

View Details
BlendersDouble Ribbon
This blender is 127" long overall and 76" wide at the motor (side mounted) and 110" tall overall. It has an 8" centre discharge that's 65" from the floor. It has a two piece hinged cover. It comes with a galvanized steel mezzanine that's 75" wide x 146" long overall with 30" wide stairs. The railing is 42" tall and has a 70" long section that is hinged to allow room for a skid of something to fill the blender. The mezzanine mounts are 80.5" from the floor. The shell of the blender is stainless steel, the legs and frame are painted mild steel. Last used for food ingredients.

Mettler Toledo Portable Floor Scale

View DetailsModel: 71201846

The scale top is stainless steel and is 19.75" wide x 25.75" long and is 9" from the floor. The readout can go to a max of 60 kgs. The display can read in kgs and lbs, as well as over or under. The calibration is currently valid until Aug 2019. Comes on a mild steel frame on casters. In good working condition.

Graco Drum Pump

View DetailsModel: King Series: H96F

Stainless steel plunging drum pump with mild steel frame. Inlet is 4.25" diameter and outlet is 3.25" outside diameter sani clamp connection. Air cylinders would raise the pump. You would put the drum into place and as the pump lowered into the drum it would pump out the product. Ideal for pumping very thick products. On a stainless steel base on casters. Capable of pumping up to 540 gallons / minute max. In good working condition. Last used in a food facility. Comes with 2 new gaskets.

Markem Thermal Transfer Coder

View DetailsModel: Smart Date 2
CodersHot Stamp Coders

Comes with controler, print head and mounting frame.

Piston Filler

View Details

The hopper on this filler is 18.25" diameter x 20" deep (approximately 20 gallon). It has a 1 piece lid with a 2" outside diameter sani clamp connection. The side of the hopper also has a 2.5" outside diamter sani clamp connectin inlet. It has a 2" outlet with a butterfly valve before the piston for a shut off. The piston is 3" diameter x 11" long (approximately 1 litre). The piston has a 2" outside diameter sani clamp connection outlet. There is no nozzle. The piston outlet is 43.5" from the floor. The unit sits on a stainless steel frame on casters. In very good working condition. Last used in a food facility.

Kason 30" Sifter

View DetailsModel: K 30 1 SS

30" stainless steel sifter with a mild steel base. It has 3 decks and 2 screens (3/8" and 1/4"). It also has a 1.5" high deck with balls for breaking up product. In good condition. Last used in a food facility.

Nordale Horizontal Manual Load Cartoner

View DetailsModel: 1000

Horizontal manual load cartoner with Nordson 3400 hot melt glue system. This machine is fully guarded. It has a variable speed infeed conveyor that's 8" wide x 80" long. The pitch of this mahine is 12". Machine is in good running condition. Last used in a food plant. The cartoner is on casters.

Eisai (Bosch) Vial Inspection Unit

View DetailsModel: VIS-200

Semi-automatic inspection systems allow visual inspection of vials containing liquids or powdered / lyophilized products, as well as empty vials, at higher rates and with less operator fatigue than with manual inspection systems.

These systems move vials into an optimized viewing area, rotate them, and send accepted or rejected vials into separate areas, as manually directed by the operator.

VIS 200 handles vials up to 200 ml and has adjustable / programmable inspection angles of 30°, 45° and 60°


Reitz Thermascrew

View DetailsModel: TL-12-K2215

This stainless steel thermascrew is a food grade screw blancher / steam cooker. Used to process fruit and vegetables by blanching and or cooking with steam. It's 184" long with a 12" diameter screw. The discarge is 12" x 12".  It has a frequency drive controller. In good condition. It is missing the lids.

Sollas Overwrapper

View DetailsModel: 20

This unit can overwrap single boxes or multiple units at a time. Machine has right angle infeed. The product size range is Minimum: 45 mm length x 40 mm width x 16 mm height to a maximum: 300 mm length x 200 mm width x 96 mm height. Machine also has a tear tape attachment. Last overwrapping lipstick boxes.

Natoli Tablet Press

View DetailsModel: NP-RD10A
Tablet Presses

Never used. Single station semi automatic tablet press. All stainless steel.

Kalish Inline Chuck Capper

View DetailsModel: 929000

Stainless steel inline chuck capper with torquer. It has a vibratory bowl feeder made by Automated Devices (Model 15. Serial 159802). The cap chute is manually adjustable and will do a max cap of 2.5" diameter and has a photos eye to feed more caps. There is a plastic guard around the chuck and torquer with a lockout switch on the door. The swing arm, chuck and torquer have seperate adjustable speed and down force controls. The unit is height adjustable and can do a max bottle height of 18" tall. It comes on a stainless steel frame on height adjustable feet. Comes with 6 full sets of star wheels (50 ml, 2 - 100 ml, 250 ml 2 - 500ml), a box of chucks, extra cap feeder, spare parts and manuals. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility. In very good condition.


View Details

Stainless steel sani clamp connection piping. 3.5" outside diameter.

Woody Chocolate Decorator

View DetailsModel: 50 Inch
Bakery Equipment

All stainless steel. The conveyor is 99" long x 47" wide. 35" of the conveyor has stainless mesh belting. Variable speed controls. It's a single loop machine that can run 500 cycles / minute.

Stainless Cage

View Details

This stainless steel cage is 78.5" long x 39.25" wide x 65.25" tall (75.25" overall). Each end has a hinged door. It has 2 fixed shelves on an angle and 2 flat selves that are adjustable or removable. On casters. In good condition.

Bakery Equipment.Net Granola Bar Slab Forming Line

View Details
Bakery Equipment

All stainless steel 22" wide slab cereal / granola bar forming line. It has a 22" x 24" product hopper that feeds the conveyor before going through a 30" section of 3 gauging rollers to get the bars to the desired thickness. It then goes through a 6' cooling section with ambient fans. The bars then go through the slitter. This line has 17 knives with 1.25" spacing. After getting divided the cross cut knife cuts your bars to the desired length. Capable of doing up to 5000 bars / hour. It has PLC touch screen controls. Slab forming and cutting section is 266" long overall plus there is a 174" long x 32" wide finished product conveyor with a 28" wide belt. In good working condition.

Column Sentry Post Protectors

View Details

5 plastic covers that fit around steel posts to protect them. They are 42" tall x 24" diameter and fit around any post up to 8.5" x 8.5". They hold together by 2 velcro straps. 4 are in good condition but 1 has been cracked down by the base, but is still good.

Sick Light Curtain

View DetailsModel: C4000 micro

6 stands of light curtains. 4 look to have been used 2 still have to wrap around the light. Each light can be adjusted up and down in the frame. The light beam is 42" long and the stands are 95.25" tall. Each stand has leveling screws and level bubble for leveling once in place. Last used in a food facility around a robot.