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Hoppmann Elevator

View DetailsModel: EP-04

This little elevator has a 26" wide x 20.5" long x 18" deep stainless steel hopper. The hopper has a 9" wide x 10" long slide gate if the hopper needs to be emptied. The belt is 6" wide with 1.5" high cleats that are spaced 5.75" apart. Both the hopper and belt have a plastic cover for safety protection. The discharge height of the belt is 59" but the chute is 41" from the floor. It has variable speed controls. In good condition. Last used in a cosmetic facility with other downstream equipment.

Highland Equipment Jacketed Pressure Tank

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Tanks & TotesVertical Tanks

This all stainless steel jacketed pressure tank is has a domed top with 6 - 2" outside diameter sani clamp connections. There is also a 6.5" and 8.5" outside diameter sani clamp connection inlets. The 8.5" has a hinged cover the 6.5" is open. The tank is 32" diameter (28" diameter inside) x 36" deep overall. The sidewall is 32" and the dished bottom is 4" deep. Approximately 320 litres (85 gallon) capacity. The main outlet is 4.5" diameter sani clamp connection, that's 18" from the floor. Off the outlet there is a side outlet that's 2" diameter sani clamp connection. The jacket des pressure is 55 psig, with 300 deg F temperature. Tested at 94 psig. It has a CRN number OH9229.5. In excellent condition, there is a slight crease in the cladding on one spot. On casters.

Meadows Mill Company Stone Burr Mill with Essentric Sifter

View DetailsModel: 24
Mills & Grinders
This mill system is designed to grind all dry, free-flowing grains and corn into flour, meal, or grits. It has a 24" stone. The stone is made of Balfour pink granite in a solid piece. The Meadows Eccentric sifter is used for screening a variety of dry, free-flowing products. This sifter was sifting to 60 mesh. This mill is in very good working condition and it is still supported by Meadows MIll Co. Last used to make gluten free flour.

Marchesini Infeed Turntable

View DetailsModel: TR

37" diameter all stainless steel infeed table. It has a 15" wide x 15" long loading area and a 5.75" wide x 6.75" long exit belt. It is completely guarded with a set of winged doors on the top. Main power switch with a control box on one side and a start / stop on the other. Height adjustable legs. Last used feeding vials onto the line. In good working condition.

Weighpack 10 Head Combination Scale

View DetailsModel: Primo Weigher 360 Combi 10 H BBWD

10 head all stainless steel combination scale. The buckets are 5 litre wash down with a #4 finish. It sits on a 65" x 48" stainless steel  frame. Discharge height is 42" from the floor. It has a touch screen HMI panel with Windows based software. Comes with Weighpack cleated incline conveyor. It's 146" tall to the centre of the top roller. The scale can run at a max speed 80 / minute depending on weight. Unit is still supported by Weighpack for parts and software updates. In good working condition.

Weighpack Incline / Take Away Conveyor

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All stainless steel take away conveyor. It has a 24" long straight section along the floor. The side rails are 12" high from the floor. The incline has a discharge height of 48". The belt is 13.75" wide. The cleats are 12" wide and 2" tall and are spaced 12" apart. It has variable speed controls. Height adjustable legs on casters. In good condition. Last used in a food facility.

Martini Delicate Product Form Fill and Seal

View DetailsModel: M87S bagger 3BMP scales
Form Fill & SealVertical

Used for delicate products, this form, fill and seal runs on an incline so the product doesn't have the drop like a regular form, fill and seal machine has 10" wide sealing jaws. It comes with the incline conveyor to feed the scales. Has a 3 lane scale system each lane with a bulk and dribble feed. The machine is intermittent motion. Has a hot stamp coder for the film. Capable of running printed film. Last running popcorn. Still powered up at the customers facility.

Donaldson Torit Dust Collector

View DetailsModel: TD6-54
Dust Collectors

This dust collector has a 7.5" diameter inlet and a 7" diameter air outlet. The dust collection on the bottom is 6.5" diameter and has a 5 gallon pail to collect in. In good condition. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility.