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Jacketed Pressure Tank

Inquire About This ProductItem #: 5728
Manufacturer: Highland Equipment

This all stainless steel jacketed pressure tank is has a domed top with 6 - 2" outside diameter sani clamp connections. There is also a 6.5" and 8.5" outside diameter sani clamp connection inlets. The 8.5" has a hinged cover the 6.5" is open. The tank is 32" diameter (28" diameter inside) x 36" deep overall. The sidewall is 32" and the dished bottom is 4" deep. Approximately 320 litres (85 gallon) capacity. The main outlet is 4.5" diameter sani clamp connection, that's 18" from the floor. Off the outlet there is a side outlet that's 2" diameter sani clamp connection. The jacket des pressure is 55 psig, with 300 deg F temperature. Tested at 94 psig. It has a CRN number OH9229.5. In excellent condition, there is a slight crease in the cladding on one spot. On casters.

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