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Dimple Jacketed Pressure Tank

Inquire About This ProductItem #: 5748
Manufacturer: WHE Bio-Systems Inc.

2 identical stainless steel dimple jacketed tanks with vacuum capabilities with a Lightnin mixer. The tank has a dish top with a 17" manway (certified by Paul Meuller). It has 6 sani clamp inlets (3 - 2.5" and 3 - 2" outside diameter) and a 5" diameter inlet where the Ligthtnin mixer is bolted. The mixer has a 1" diameter shaft that goes to about 6"' from the bottom of the tank with 4.5" long impellers on the end. The inside of the tank is 36" diameter x 71.5" tall with a dished bottom (approximately 300 gallons or 1100 litres). It has a 1.5" diameter centre outlet that comes out the side and is 10.5" from the floor. The outlet is operated with an electronic actuator. The outlet has a 2nd actuator with a diverter line for samples / testing of product. In excellent condition. Last used in a pharmaceutical facility. FV / 50 psi @ 300 deg F. HX 68. MAWP 150. -20 deg F @ 53 psi MDMT. OIN # 5.1042054 & 5.1042053. CRN # K7506.5 & K7506.5.

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