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Mettler Toledo Wrap & Label Print Station

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Wrappers → Overwappers

Semi automatic wrapper with digital touch screen and label printer. All components are made by Mettler Toledo. Scale: Model 8270. Serial 5503738-5LG. Capacity range 20 kg x 0.005 kg. Top is 13.75" wide x 11.75" long. Hot plate is 15.25" wide x 6.25" long. Touch Screen: Model 8361. Serial 4638660-4LG. Capacity range 20 kg x 0.005 kg. Labeler Printer: Model 0317. Serial 4638208-4LG. Can do up to a 3.5" wide label. Currently running 2.75" wide label. The operator would set the tray of product on the scale it would weigh the item and automatically calculate the price and print out the label. The operator would take the tray and wrap it in film using the hot plate to seal the film. It's all stainless steel and has stainless steel table tops on either end of the unit 12" wide x 24" long. In very good condition. Last used in a large commercial facility.