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Pressure Tank

Inquire About This ProductItem #: 5729
Manufacturer: Inox Industries

This all stainless steel pressure tank is has a domed top with 4 - 2" outside diameter sani clamp connections. There is also a 6.5" and 7" outside diameter sani clamp connection inlets. the 6.5" has a sani clamp cover, the 7" is open. The tank is 21.5" diameter inside x 25" deep. Approximately 140 litres (37 gallon) capacity. It has a bottom centre out that comes out the front. The outlet is 2" outside diameter sani clamp connection that's 4" from the floor. It has a working pressure of 75 psi @ 300 deg F. Min temp -20 deg F @ 75 psi. In excellent condition. It has a CRN number M7028.5. The inside the unit doesn't look like it's been used but on the outside someone has spilt paint on it and it needs to be removed. It comes on a set of casters with a handle at the back so you can move it around like a dolly.

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